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Global Disaster


I'd like to introduce you to my intense hatred, my undying disgust, for what passes for morning "news" on Toronto's Global Television. I hereby promise to catalog the unending stupidity of both the content and form of the "morning news" phenomenon, best exemplified by the appallingly stupid, intellectually insulting garbage that passes for Global News Morning. […]

Festive + Homosexual + Lame

Well, it is.

The families of recently-freed Canadian and British “Christian peacemakers” (Norman Kember, James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden) – as well as the odious Christian media – need to seriously shut the fuck up about their prayers being answered through the release of those hostages. How does the family of slain American colleague Tom Fox feel […]

Just when you think advertising can’t get any worse, Canadian marketers take it over the edge. Insert every advertisement ever aired by Tim Horton’s here.

News items that appeal primarily to the main household purchaser/worrywart: “Those home paper shredders you use to prevent identity theft can be a danger to tiny, curious fingers!!!”