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Of course, the only possible vindication for my rude and bizarrely customer-hostile experience with Primus Canada and their TalkBroadband product would be, oh, I dunno, maybe some sort of apologetic response from Primus’ Customer Service department, if not the immediate acceptance of my service request. Hah! As if. Though I did receive automated email responses […]

So, despite the unpleasant recent experiences my organization has had with Primus Canada — essentially they disconnected a critical data line and took over a month to even respond to our panicked cries for help, let alone reconnect — I decided to check out their TalkBroadband VoIP (Voice over IP) service, dutifully filled out the […]

So, after you've finished Freakonomics and re-read, giggling uncontrollably, the best essays in David Rakoff's Fraud, there's little else to do — apart from gagging at the overwhelming stench coming from the woman sitting right in front of you who evidently emptied her bowels into either her adult diaper or her improperly-sealed colostomy bag at least […]



Over the past twenty years, I've been told that I look like: Gene Kelly "A young Gene Kelly," the girls birds in the steno pool at my London office were quick to add (back when "young" could accurately be used to describe me). I'm guessing the other possibilities would be "an old Gene Kelly" or […]

So, get this: diminutive, baffled, undertalented "comedian" and "actor" Hal Sparks, of the late, unlamented soap opera Queer as Folk (US), is complaining again. No, not that kissing his (male) costar was like kissing a dog. This time he's pitching a hissy over all the love being showered on Brokeback Mountain: Straight actor-comedian Hal Sparks […]

So, here comes the shitstorm. What's worse: a fucked-up government which refuses to even consider the notion that nonheterosexual couples deserve an equal right to make themselves miserable through marriage, or a fucked-up government which wants to take that right, already won, away? I'm no fan of marriage in any of its permutations, but I've […]

Oh, come on. Chevy and The Apprentice make it possible to create subversive, hypersarcastic attack ads and we’re somehow supposed to not take advantage of their short-sightedness? As if.