Primus Canada Sucks: A Happy-Ending Update


Of course, the only possible vindication for my rude and bizarrely customer-hostile experience with Primus Canada and their TalkBroadband product would be, oh, I dunno, maybe some sort of apologetic response from Primus’ Customer Service department, if not the immediate acceptance of my service request.

Hah! As if. Though I did receive automated email responses from my multiple complaints — “we have received your message and it should [huh?] be addressed, in the order in which it was received” — I have yet to actually have anything addressed at all. No calls, no emails, nuthin’.

It turns out that the happy ending to this story is that Primus’ main competitor in this market, Vonage, had me up and running with a VoIP telephone service three days after my order was placed. Actually, it would have been two days had I been home to receive the equipment. I’m very pleased with the product and the Customer Support person with whom I spoke — though I really didn’t have to — was helpful and exceedingly cheery.

In other Fuck-You-Primus news, it looks like one of my neighbours has had a similarly-crappy experience with Primus Canada:

Apartment bulletin board with Primus Canada brochure and WORST SERVICE EVER graffitti

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  1. 1 Phyxius

    most phone companies like telus, rogers, primus, etc are the worst for customer service, and now bell is releasing customer info to the authorities which is why I cancelled my service with them. these companies only want to believe that they are the only phone company in your area so they can do whatever they want, but the reality is if you check around you will find many phone companies are available in your area. I would never go with telus, bell, shaw, or rogers ever again.

  2. 2 Joe D

    Go check out the website ofr Rapidtel, I think you’ll find them a nice company to deal with and lkess expensive with very good customer service.


  3. 3 Ian I.

    As if Primus’s worthless, Radio-Shack-Walkie-Talkie service wasn’t beyond abysmal, when you finally switch to another provider and go onto Primus’s site to send them a kiss-off, you get an error message! As a residential phone customer, you can’t actually send their mongoloid techies (sorry if I offended any mongoloids) a service request online – and the ones you talk to on the phone just want to blame your high-speed provider for the Donald-Duck-on-a-vibrating-bed “quack broadband” service. What absolute shitheads! I hope they go broke!

  4. 4 bstewart23

    Try these email addresses, though if your experience is anything like mine, you’ll get an automated reply advising that the case was received and that you’ll be contacted with a response and then… tumbleweeds. Every now and then I like to send them the results of Google searches for “primus talkbroadband customer service”, just to show them how their shitty, incompetent support staff’s contempt for customers plays out on the interweb. I always get an automated response, never an actualy reply.

    Here are a couple of email addresses for the douchebags:
    Customer Service:
    Technical Support:

    My Vonage VoIP service? Still terrific. I haven’t experienced a single problem.

  5. 5 Andre

    So like the lot of you here, I have had bad experience with my primus phone service. However, there is something to be said here that no one has mentioned.
    You can blame primus all you want, but the crappy phone connections IS likely your internet connection.
    For instance, right now, if i use my phone, there is bad reception on the other end. but this is because my upload latency from rogers is crappy.
    Check yours out, open Run, type cmd, and in the command prompt type:

    and take a look at the response times you get for the trace. Anythin over 100ms (for a high speed connection, at least) isn’t normal, and there’ is something wrong with your internet. You just don’t notice it with daily browsing.

    Anyways, it is my experience that Rogers has THE WORST customer relations and business ethics. They have lied to me and broken the law (by avoiding handing over my number to primus) and have not taken any responsibility for thier actions.

    You will have to deal with one of these annoying comapnies in your lifetime, my advice? Stay away from rogers.

  6. 6 Robert

    Hi: This blog makes me feel better about my 3 months of Hell with PRIMUS. I stopped surfing and started waiting in the summer of 06. I have started a blog and hope anyone who wants will post a comment about their PRIMUS experiences. Did you get screwed on the billing? I think all ot the companies are a little cavalier in their billing at the end of the customer cycle. I think if there are enough of us who have had a billing error were to join together we could sue someone. It is theft if it is done enough times.
    Ayway if you hate PRIMUS or better still worked for them and want to fill in the blanks on what is going on please head over to

  7. 7 Mary MacKinnon

    Primus Sucks!

    Primus Canada behaves like a bunch of hucksters.

    After recieving payment from me for an invoice and posting it to accurately reflect the current balance, Primus cut off my service…Ten Days Later.

    No..Im not kidding. I suspect that it is just a money grab..they nail you for $55.00 to reconnect.

    Anyway, the best way to deal with hucksters is cut them off. Vonage here I come:)

    Did I mention that Primus sucks?:)

  8. 8 Ray

    Like Mary , I to had my services cut off / credit rating affected because of their useless staff, They have been deducting money from my credit card co for approx 3 years only to tell me my c/c was exp 1 year ahead of the actual date, what a bunch of clowns ( they were telling me that Visa was allowing them to deduct money from my account with the wrong exp date) All I can say is what a Mickey Mouse Operation, Potential customers BEWARE, This is a Company which I can see filing for Chapter 11 one day becase their lack of customer support and how they treat their customers!

  9. 9 Rod

    I ordered primus phoen service and internet at the same time as I needed to get away from Telus. I was told to disconnect my current internet service and my primus DSL would be working in a week. It actually took 6 weeks and a total of 12 hours on hold with tech support. Ever day that I was actually able to talk with somebody I got the response “it will be working by tomorrow”. I called once and the told the person that I was garanteed that it would be working by Tuesday and since it was 9 pm Tuesday evening they had lied again. His response, (in a very thick accent) “well, Tuesday isn’t over yet is it?”.

    I did eventually contact a person in tech support that knew what he was doing and spoke fluent english. His name is Max, he is excellent and did get things fixed up.
    So now my internet is working again and I got my first bill… They billed me for the tiem that my internet was not working!

  10. 10 jacqueline

    i think this site is fabulous!!!!! i am so pleased to see others just like myself dealing with these idiots as well. i actaully am currently invovled in a 4 month dispute with these people and i am ready to just scream!!!!i abasolutley despise this company and wish i had never been involved with them in the first place!someone shoud have the right mind to report them to the better business bureau.

  11. 11 Mike

    This is one company that does not have any concept of customer loyalty or customer service whatsoever. I recently moved and had my number changed, when i placed the order nothing was said to me in regards to a supposed $55 fee in order to change the phone number. After they failed to perform the service on the date we agreed on they explained about a $55 fee, i requested to speak to a supervisor, at that point the agent said he would put in a request to have a supervisor call me within 48 hours. That did not happen.

    Anyway, i moved, and sure enough in november i got charged $55 on my bill. I called them back and after being on the phone for about a half hour i was told that the $55 would be settled the next business day. Of course it was not. So tonight after receiving my most recent bill with no credit, i called customer service and requested an explanation. After speaking to their supervisor the response i got was “in November a request was put in to have this credited and it was rejected, because the charge was warranted”. At that point i dismissed the supervisor, called them back and cancelled my service. When i cancelled, i explained the above and their response was “well those are our terms and conditions and we cannot change our policy”

    That is no way to treat a customer of three years. To hell with this company, i’ve already signed on with Vonage and will make a point of spreading the word to stay well away from this horrid company. Honestly i was absolutely shocked that they would lose a loyal customer of three years over a lousy $55. Goes to show what crappy customer service and customer relations will do to a company. Will be a cold day in hell before i ever use them for anything.

  12. 12 Marie

    I work for Primus and I believe that some of these people on here are making up stories. I work in the Credit and Collection Department. You guys are forgetting that a lot of you do not pay your bill on time or at all . We try to contact our customers by phone, letters and by email if possible. For the most part we are ignored until your services are disconnet . Then you creat boards like these and not tell the whole truth. All phone companies have issues as a matter of fact all companies have issues beacause no one is perfect. So I would suggest you start your own telecomunication company.

  13. 13 Tracey

    Marie, you must be frigging kidding me! You mean if someone pays their bill late, it justifies billing them incorrectly for 6 months, and ignoring your own promises to correct it on the following bill??

    After 3 years of service I for some reason looked at the primus website and found that the longdistance plan I was paying for was not even offered anymore and the ones that were offered now were cheaper – by a lot! As someone who does a lot of calling to a pretty odd place, I jumped to call and switch to one of these newer plans being offered. That was in October – of 2005.

    November bill came – no switch. I called and after an HOUR of speaking with some moron like Marie, I get a promise that they will go over the bill and apply the new rates and give me a credit. December bill, no switch and no credit. This was repeated every month until June, them stringing me along with promises of a credit, which of course got to be a bigger and bigger sum of money, until i had enough and went to Vonage. BLISS!

    But now after agreeing on the phone as to the correct amount that I actually owe under the never-applied North American Plan, they have sent the difference to a collection agency, the first collection involvement I have ever had in my 42 year old life! It’s only a little over $100 but it will be a cold day in hell before I pay it, they underestimate my resolve!

    Oh and Marie, no need to start a phone company, Vonage already did!

  14. 14 Sally

    I am having a problem with Primus and am so frustrated I could scream. It has been going on now for two months.,
    In November, I overpaid my account, stupid, but it was a slip on the computer. I have sent them a copy of my bank statement proving that I paid them, but they will not accept it as proof of payment. I cannot believe it. Any suggestions as to where I go now?

  15. 15 Gordon Welke Wilf

    You would not believe my story!!

    I will fill you in point form for now but I shall also send a follow up full story report which is forthcoming.

    1. Moved Aug 26/06 – gave 30 days notification
    2. In new address, waited called, waited called and on and on by making over 38 phone calls to customer care, 14 emails and many more letters and still problems.
    3. The deal is, they unhooked my phone in Aug/06. Then instead of hooking my DSL and PHone easily at new address, they re-hooked me at old address, where it stayed until about 2 weeks ago! Can you imagine, 5 months of hell!
    4. I am a filmmaker and actor with grants active and projects active and I MUST HAVE INTERNET AS YOU KNOW!
    5. They never did hook me up!
    6. They told me in December that I had no interconnect so i could not hook up!
    7. They still billed me three months in a row! Now my bill is $500 and they refuse to adjust it even though my entire story is all over my files, calls and in efiles.
    8. They called me to say that they would consider adjusting the bill ONLY if I got a letter from an interconnect company explaining how I could not get service – WHAT!!!!!!!
    9. Now i am moving up the street just to get internet and phone at a new address!! I will stay with Primus because THEY OWE ME!! I am considering going to Silverman at CITY TV or something!!!
    10. I have put in about 6 “tickets” for new hook up and no will do anything until I pay up!!
    11. I have been through so much hell with Primus Canada! I have even written a VP in marketing as I have many other people in Primus and NO ACTION!!
    12. AS well, i have used my cell phone pre-paid to talk to them (on hold for atleast 20-30 minutes every time). Everytime I have to tell the whole story and they have an attitude like “Sir, I don’t really need, nor do I have time to listen to your personal problems.”

    All for now and please feel free to contact me for further info at XXX-XXX-XXXX or at this email!!!

    OH, ps, I have lost a grant and a government contract and a job offer all because of Primus. They made me appear like an un-professional idiot who could not even get a phone or internet, let alone produce a $200,000 television program!! Those that beleived my stories down in Los Angeles (all said – “no way, there is no company THAT BAD!”) could not believe that I could not just GET IT RESOLVED!!!

    Thanks Gord Welke-Wilf (you may google GORD WELKE to find out info)

    Dude, I removed your telephone number. Crazy people out there and whatnot. b

  16. 16 Sally


    This is Sally. After almost three months, my problem is finally resolved, but not by Primus. After my last communication with Primus, I asked my bank what to do next. As Primus maintains they have never received an overpayment from me, even though it was taken out of my bank acct. the day I made it, The bank put a tracer on it, and took it back. I didn’t know they could do that, but I am so relieved to have this over with.

    thanks it was so great to have a place to vent.


  17. 17 Grace

    Does anybody know how to cancel the primus services?

    If you do, please e-mail me at and title the e-mail “HOW TO CANCEL PRIMUS”
    I’ve been phoning the the company and e-mailing them but no reply whatsoever.
    Whoever can help with my problem, I would really appreciate it.

  18. 18 bogus

    Primus what can you say.

  19. 19 Les.Net

    I made the mistake of using Primus as a Vendor for LES.NET.

    They quite literally screwed up every single order I gave them to execute.
    At any given time, a dozen of my tollfree numbers don’t function.
    They gave me the direct number to the NOC so I would stop calling my account manager all the time because stuff wasn’t working.
    25%-50% of the new numbers they provision for me are non-functional during testing.
    I received no satisfaction through my TWO account managers, and no satisfaction from the NOC manager. A common scenerio would be that around 11:00am, I would find (or someone would report) something was broken. I would promptly relay this to my account manager + the NOC and get a ticket at 11:15am. They MIGHT call me back saying “we’re working on it”, but most likely, they leave a critical ticket open, and go home for the day. Then my customer calls me, and I have to explain the carrier I’m using can’t fix stuff the same day.
    Half the time, I have to call them back at the end of the NEXT day to find out how my nearly 48 hour outage was being addressed by them.
    Not uncommon for things to stay broken weeks at a time.
    I feel that I made a serious mistake by choosing them as a vendor, and my business and reputation are suffering for it. (But I shall prevail).
    Maybe I’m just dealing with the wrong people there????
    If you use Primus and spend more than $10,000 a year there, and have a seriously competent contact person, please contact me. I’d love to have them handle my account, if I still have anything left there as before it’s all ported away.

  20. 20 Fred

    We cancelled their service and go for a better company with cheaper rate. Primus officials claimed they have never received our cancellation notice and kept on charging us for few months. What kind of unethical practice is this? They are scammers….thieves……stay away!

  21. 21 Neverreturn2Primus

    Using the same old trick as other telcos, pretend not receiving order of service cancelation and charge leaving cutomer a few extra dollars as punishment for leaving them.

    Childish, unethical (like there is any ethical businesses left nowadays). For those who leave for much cheaper rate obviously concern with costs and if primus can offer anything better, they might just return, but using this dirty trick (which requires no brain to come up with it) can drive customers away. They will never return to Primus.
    Think “long term” , Primus!

    Business/commerce/economic degrees require no real intelligence to pass and this is how they use their so called “knowledge”. Pathetic!

  22. 23 Vedrana

    Primus Canada is the worst company ever. Please do not subscribe for any of their products or services! Next time, I will think twice before purchasing anything from Primus Canada. I would rather be without phone and internet than work with Primus again! Their customer service centre is the worst ever. They promise to return your calls, but they never do.. They refuse to disconnect their services, even if you call as many as 10 times and kindly ask them to do so. They are absolutely the worst company I ever had to deal with and I will make sure that I never have to call them again. I already told all my friends about their awful customer service. I honestly thought about seeking a legal advice in order to see what I can possibly do to get these fools off my back. They wimply wouldn’t let me go and no matter what I did they wouldn’t let me cancel my business with them. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you never purchase anything from Primus, or subscribe to any of their products or services! You will be ripped off and you won’t be able to do anything except take them to court!

  23. 24 ANNA

    I have no words for Primus. Fact is, I didn’t pay my bill on time, but the same day that I paid it, I finished a long distance phone conversation and had just enough time to check my voicemail – message from primus: please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx. So I pick up the phone…can’t dial out.. Called them on my cellphone – they DISCONNECTED MY LINE!! They said that as soon as they receive payment, my line will be reinstated. I had told them that the payment has already been made, so of course they said that it has to be posted. After I called back to see if it was posted, they told me that they decided to check my credit and won’t reinstate my services unless I give them a $500 security deposit!!!!! UNAUTHORIZED CREDIT CHECK!!! then of course they said that in their terms and conditions it says that they can periodically check their customer’s credit (while ruining your credit score) to see if you still qualify for services??!! TOO BAD I NEVER RECEIVED THE FINE PRINT OR ANY SORT OF CONTRACT AS A MATTER OF FACT!! they still said they cannot do anything unless they get the deposit! and i was their customer since 2001.. ridiculous. and before all this happened i referred my sister and still got no referral fee to this day after numerous e-mails and phone calls. finally they said they can’t do anything because my service is suspended. AND THE FUNNIEST THING? a week after they had already disconnected my service, i got a letter in the mail saying: dear valued customer, in order for us NOT TO INTERRUPT your service we require payment of $xx immediately….please ALLOW 5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR YOUR PAYMENT TO REACH PRIMUS CANADA.!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?




  24. 25 Jay

    I feel relieved that I’m not the only one with an issue with the customer service ethics of Primus. In February, there was a temporary outage of customers who use the D-Link Gateway for VOIP service. They were trying to update their firmware and ran into some problems. I also have a cellphone with Rogers Wireless in case of emergencies, so I wasn’t left without a phone if needed. It was back up and running within 2-3 days, so I wasn’t too upset, mistakes happen. After receiving an apologetic email from Primus customer care saying that they apologize for the inconvenience, and there will be $10 credits automatically applied to each of my March, April, and May statements. I thought that was very professional. Little did I realize, or seemed to have missed that automatically clearly meant that I had to call myself for 3 bloody months to receive the credits. No apology whatsoever when I called to bring this apparent issue up. I did receive all the promised credits with some headache, but nonetheless, it’s done and over with. I sent an email with all this information to and was dismissed with a typical general formatted email from a CSR named Danielle perceiving my email as just another problem to contend with, and that she apologizes for the recent experience that I had with Primus. Also, I was reassured that Primus is here to value my

  25. 26 Jay

    I must’ve spoke too much on the last post. I was reassured that Primus is here to value my business. I think I will attempt to contact Ted Chislett, the president of Primus telecommunications regarding this matter. If I don’t receive an appropriate response, I think I will be cutting off Primus for good, as well as telling my friends and family about there horrible service.

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