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Forty Reasons for Automobile Drivers Parking in Bike Lanes …on Toronto’s Bay and College Streets, which are designated “no parking” and even “no stopping” and completely not-enforced by cops who seem to have no problem stopping cyclists to make sure their bells and brakes are functioning properly: “I’m just getting a cup of coffee from […]

Celtic Knot Armband-Tatts Eyebrow Piercings Heavy Chain Necklaces Over Sleeveless Tees Fauxhawks, Fauxhawks, Fauxhawks! Capri Pants Wedding Rings Worn Unironically Using the Word "Partner" Without a Trace of Sarcasm Talking Tees Referring to Shopping or Baseball Positions Stupid Rainbow Flags Unexaggerated Sibilance



If you think that Josh Lucas, soaking wet, is a good enough reason to pay cash money to see Poseidon, think again. Not even the prospect of undertalented Black Eyed Peas' singer Fergie drowning is worth it. For serious. Go rent the supremely stylish, vastly underrated and ridiculously underattended Stay instead.

Awesome. On the other hand, I’ve never really cottoned to that whole top/bottom identity thing. I mean, why let the other guy have all the fun?

"STEPHEN HARPER EATS BABIES" GO Train message neither authorized nor condoned by Exclusive Advertising or GO Transit. Great. The sign wasn't authorized. But, still, the question remains. Until a former Harper colleague clears things up: "I worked with Stephen Harper for five years and never once did he in that time eat a baby."