Gay Signifiers Well Past Their Due Date

  1. Celtic Knot Armband-Tatts
  2. Eyebrow Piercings
  3. Heavy Chain Necklaces Over Sleeveless Tees
  4. Fauxhawks, Fauxhawks, Fauxhawks!
  5. Capri Pants
  6. Wedding Rings Worn Unironically
  7. Using the Word "Partner" Without a Trace of Sarcasm
  8. Talking Tees Referring to Shopping or Baseball Positions
  9. Stupid Rainbow Flags
  10. Unexaggerated Sibilance

5 Responses to “Gay Signifiers Well Past Their Due Date”

  1. 1 Tara

    Yeah, we saw plenty of these driving down Church to brunch on Saturday.

    Leah: “I think that guy is gay.”
    Dave: “I think that lady might be, too.”
    Derek: “This game is really easy.”

  2. 2 Luciferus

    HEY! Some of us got Celtic Knot tattoos 13 years ago before anyone else had them, and some of them still look cool, and they're tattoos, which means they're permenant. Mister! MISTER!!

  3. 3 So and So

    just because you have a fauxhawk doesn’t mean your gay.

  1. 1 bstewart23 » Apocalypse-Synching
  2. 2 Celtic Design Tattoos

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