Gyms — especially the ones to which I've belonged, it seems — are a clearing-house for strange behaviour. This morning, f'rinstance, a fiftyish, investment-bankerish dude switched the channel on one of the cardio televisions from CNN News Morning to… Saved by the Bell.

But before he did, I was treated to a small item from Tuesday's Larry King Live, in which Liz Taylor defends Michael Jackson:

[…] "All right. I'll answer that, because I've been there, when his nephews were there, and we all were in the bed, watching television. There was nothing abnormal about it. There was no touchy-feely going on. We laughed like children, and we watched a lot of Walt Disney. There was nothing odd about it." […]

Liz, hon. No one has sex while there's a batshit-crazy grandma in the room. Not even my grandpa. If he wasn't dead, I mean.

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