Trump Canada


Dude, America is so fucking awesome!

I mean, within days of the international media coverage of Canada's arrest of a gaggle of alleged terrorists in our midst, our mighty neighbour to the south manages to leave us in their dust by killing, like, the second-evillest man alive*.  I mean, how cool is that? They couldn't find al-Zarqawi for years, they had no idea where he was, and then… us pot-smoking, health-care-providing, gay-marriage-allowing, pinko Canadians pull off a counterterrorist coup.

And then…  "hey, isn't that guy over there that al-Zarqawi dude? Yeah? Get him!"

Sure, cynics or hippies or conspiracy "kooks" might suggest that America knew all along where al-Zarqawi was and chose to off him just now to stem the inevitable criticism of the hugest intelligence infrastructure in the known universe. And to one-up us pansy-ass Canucks.

But I don't buy it.  Totally, totally a coincidence.  Go, America!  Woo-hoo!

*after Dick Cheney

One Response to “Trump Canada”

  1. 1 Bob Hall

    Nice take on the Yankee Doodle, Jim Dandy, Take out of ai-Zarqawi. Never thunk it.
    Whats your take on the little Arian P.M. running Canada’s flag pole up our youths glory hole and seeing who salutes.
    Lest We Forget!

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