This Hear: BoC’s “Dayvan Cowboy”


If it was possible to musically capture an idea, a feeling, a moment so purely blissful that you thought "I don't ever want this to end, ever," then the Scottish brothers who make up Boards of Canada would surely be the architects of such music.

And, in fact, it is possible and they totally did do it: with "Dayvan Cowboy," a song from their recent The Campfire Headphase album and the EP Trans Canada Highway, on which it also appears in remix form. So, hey, if you haven't heard it yet, you can even download the video from Warp Records

Boards of Canada Dayvan Cowboy video screencap

…and just tell me that they didn't totally nail that "moment never ending" thing, what with the awesome freefall skyjump into pipeline surfing. There's a rumour (see the Wikipedia link, above) that BoC embed their material with occult symbols both profane and divine, and even tales of critics refusing to review their albums for fear that a mind-control experiment is being thrust upon them.

Yeah, and?

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