Chix Dig bstewart


Ginormous-Breasted Pornstar Chix Dig bstewart

Yes, chix do dig bstewart. Especially ginormous-breasted, wee, pornstar chix. Summer Sinn* visits the office, frightens all of the het guys, mesmerizes with a Bahston accent thicker than that of a certain obnoxious — and painfully overexposed — former Surviving Racer and ultimately has no effect whatsoever on my Kinsey number. Sorry, mom.

Two of my ribs were cracked during the taking of this photograph.

(Glark, I'm seeing marketing possibilities.)

*Dude, I am so not linking.

One Response to “Chix Dig bstewart”

  1. 1 jeffersonb

    I mean, the amazing thing is that the cleavage between her breasts almost meets the cleavage-like indentation in her neck.

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