Recipe for Disaster


1 rainbow flag (it’s fun!)
1 overwell-marketed, stylish cell-phone company
1 superultrasexyfun community event
45 “hot, hunky, buff, muscular” gay men
10 sscootersss!

Mix thoroughly until you achieve a hot, sexy, stylish, groovy, admirable, community-enhancing concoction!

Or…  you achieve this:

MotoPride image from Allenism

(Hey, apologies to Allenism, whose photo I’m using without permission to illustrate…  well, to illustrate everything that’s wrong with corporate sponsorship of now-desexualized pride events and the homosexuals who patronize, sheeplike, any advertiser which combines banal rainbow flags and nearly-naked men and calls the result “community support”. I calls it money-grubbing and lame and pandering and laughable and downright pathetic. “Pride”? Shame!)

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