“And you were so sweet, too, back then.”


“Back then.”  Thanks, Mom.

So, my Mom sent this to me last week and it still cracks my shit up. It was taken on my first birthday. I’ve actually seen grown men wearing outfits not dissimilar to this. Fat, hairy, smelly men in denim overall-shorts and boots and nothing else. Right out in public, on the street! Also, what’s up with the watermelon-forehead? The duck, I get. But the inflatable dog with the pink, frilly whatsis? And you wonder why I turned out that way, Mom? Me, I’m just surprised that they had colour photography when I turned one…

T Minus 49

Addendum: A meal for a prince!

First Birthday Cake

One Response to ““And you were so sweet, too, back then.””

  1. 1 Tara

    That looks like the best birthday ever!

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