Neither Slow nor Painful Enough


Fucking Ken Lay “had a heart attack” and died. Odd, since the evil motherfucker didn’t really have one to attack. So let those suicide/face-transplant-new-identity rumours begin!

Still, his demise is cause for celebration in every household and office in the world (except those of greedy fucks from hell, of course). Gee, it would be so awful if someone with Marburg virus accidentally sneezed on Jeff Skilling.

I readily acknowledge my reservation for a seat in the aforementioned Flamey Pit by noting that, in several photographs, Lay/Skilling minion Andy Fastow is kinda hot (in a business-colleagues-who-had-one-too-many-at-the-convention-hotel-bar-back-in-the-guest-room-and-man-it’s-hot-in-here-mind-if-I-strip-down-to-my-boxers-what-the-hell-why-not-the-boxers-off-too-we’re-both-guys-after-all-and-I-could-really-use-a-backrub-oh-that-feels-great-now-it’s-my-turn-and-I-can’t-remember-a-thing-after-that kinda way). I hope, in at least some miniscule fashion, that this would make Fastow very uncomfortable.

One Response to “Neither Slow nor Painful Enough”

  1. 1 meg

    Fastow’s very good friend and fellow Enron scumbag Michael Kopper is openly gay and got his partner deeply involved in Enron (leading to a macabrely hilarious moment where certain Enron execs were arguing that a certain business partnership involving the partner hadn’t broken the law, because the law just forbids spouses from being involved in such business partnerships and Texas law bans gay marriage. No joke: ). So, of all of the Enronites for you to crush on, Fastow would probably feel the least uncomfortable about the possibility. Sorry. The Ken Lay thing is incredibly apropos, though, is it not?

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