“He Nice, the Jesus”


I totally would’ve responded more positively to the whole religion thing had they used this kind of imagery instead of the dull, tending-the-flocks-and-children stuff that was force-fed in my adolescence:

Chippen-Christs photo from www.jesusoftheweek.com

Get it, Jesus, get it!

5 Responses to ““He Nice, the Jesus””

  1. “He wears of himself the long hair…”

    My favorite Sedaris story of all time – great reference!

    (a fellow WITWNer just checking in to say hey)

  2. 2 bstewart23

    If I had prizes, you’d already be a winner. And you didn’t even need a map!

  3. 3 Luciferus

    The Jesus on the right is PRECISELY the Jesus I grew up with, hanging over the TV for my whole childhood.

  4. 4 bstewart23

    That kind of explains a thing or two, Steve, about me as well as you, since you’re the one of whom I thought when I stumbled upon that image (again).

    “Again”? Yeah, the first time I ever remember seeing that picture was 25 years ago, when my realtor pulled one out of his wallet while explaining his newly born-again status. “Who wouldn’t love a god like that?” he asked me, and I instantly knew exactly what he was getting at, only without his specific follow-through.

    This was the same realtor who passed out in the steamroom at the gym and who, when I expressed some alarm and concern on hearing about it, reassured me that it was actually a good thing; the EMS guy who arrived on the scene to revive him was “really hot”.

  5. 5 Skippyspangle

    OMG,I also grew up with the picture on the right…we call it “Sexy Jesus”

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