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John Travolta: Apparently, Mr. Travolta and “pal” had just seen Snakes on a Plane and were pre-emptively sucking venom from potential bite regions. (Thanks to Defamer for the tip).

So, when Champ and I were en route to NYC this past weekend, we had ample opportunity, while not consuming any liquids or gels (lest last-minute changes to security regulations prohibit their consumption), to peruse the meagre literary offerings at Pearson International Airport, since Pearson International Airport is an International Fucking Embarrassment when it comes […]

Go. NOW.


So, you’ve probably heard about net neutrality legislation, and the threats to a free, neutral and fair Internet by big businesses intent on making the web a vehicle mainly for commerce and only their brand of commerce: reducing competition from smaller players and restricting access to noncapitalist fare like ironic-art-goddess Leslie Hall and the belligerent […]

Drill Me


So, we had a fire drill in my office building this morning and, as usual, we had some advance notice (which, of course, completely obliterated any of the exercise’s validity). And, naturally, since the scheduled time of the drill corresponded closely to my regular coffee break, I grabbed my book (John Hodgman’s The Areas of […]

Predictably, there’s an outcry. But, in a (somewhat) surprising display of forgetting-what-being-a-student-is-all-about, student union president Isabelle Poniatowski deems it “repugnant”. Yeah, you guys! Can’t you use your energy instead in an effort to be nice?!? I mean… God! Also? Give a hoot, don’t pollute! Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who read “Yale […]

Rockwell “Rocky” Balboardroom “Trying hard now…” From his pinstriped suits to his Dale Carnegie-style, aggressive overfriendliness, Rockwell Balboardroom is clearly a man of power and influence, having achieved (one assumes) a considerable measure of success in his 20-odd years in investment banking (or advertising senior account-repping for Canada’s Conservative “party” (or some other odious profession)). […]