Where in the Fuck is Stephen Harper?


So, the 16th International AIDS Conference opened in Toronto this week and, hey, what better photo-op could there possibly be for a Prime Minister than to shake hands with Bill Gates or Bill Clinton or even Richard Gere? Oh, wait. Did you say “AIDS”?

While the conference gives Canada a world stage to demonstrate leadership in the global fight against the deadly disease, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has declined to attend, citing other commitments.

“Other commitments”? What other commitments? Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why not… beautiful Alert, Nunavut Territory:

Addressing the Canadian Forces and Environment Canada personnel today at CFS Alert, Prime Minister Stephen Harper paid tribute to the important contribution being made in asserting and defending Canada’s Arctic sovereignty.

Alert? Yeah, even most Canadians will need a map to find it:

Stephen Harper flees the high concentration of gay AIDS; Toronto is way down at the very bottom

Awesome, huh? Is it possible for the douchebag to put more distance between himself and the 20,000 attendees (and thousands of international media representatives) at the AIDS Conference?

Should we laugh or should we just, fucking cry? Run, Stephen, run! They’ve got AIDS cooties!

3 Responses to “Where in the Fuck is Stephen Harper?”

  1. 1 j

    Nice. Now, if only he could take Australia’s Little Johnnie with him, I’d be happy …

  2. 2 Ian

    I heard Harper had a previous commitment playing Gumpy at Frontier Days in Grand Prairie, Alberta.

  3. 3 Darcy

    Harper is being accused of snubbing the conference yet the same can be said about conference organizers snubbing northern concerns. Maybe if these people got outside the 905 belt once in awhile they would realize that there is a lot more to Canada. Unfortunately, the south has much more exposure to media than Nunavut so the squeaky wheel gets the grease as they say. Bravo to Harper for coming to Nunavut. Our concerns our just as valid as yours.

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