Where in the Fuck is Stephen Harper? Part 3


So, the 16th International AIDS Conference draws to a close in Toronto today, and everyone missing a chromosome can go back to loving Prime Minister Stephen Harper for reasons other than his avoidance of anything AIDSy. But before we leave this shameful chapter in Canada’s international reputation, let’s find out why you think he geographically positioned himself anywhere but Toronto this week. Because we’re all about democracy…

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Conversely, you can read the comments section of the Globe & Mail’s coverage of his absence: time-sensitive link, sorry!

2 Responses to “Where in the Fuck is Stephen Harper? Part 3”

  1. 1 drunken monkey

    Some journo I talked to when I was there claims it was because Harper hates Stephen Lewis. I’m not sure why that (supposedly) is.

    In any case, there were many hatin’ tshirts and stickers on display there. And am I crazy for thinking that this business about not announcing anything for AIDS funding this week because the conference had become “politicized” means that they don’t have anything good to announce?

  2. 2 bstewart23

    Easy, tiger, the last thing a politician would ever want to do is “politicize” anything! Especially since Harper’s team can’t open their yaps without some sort of contrived (and oversimplified) comparison to their Liberal predecessors.

    Your contact’s explanation works for me, as does the suggestion that even a single photo with Clinton would cause massive cold-shouldering in Washington.

    I’m convinced that the funding announcement has been witheld until after the international media has departed, so as to maximize the ineptitude of the delivery and the disappointing content. Taking bets now as to whether the word “abstinence” is mentioned…

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