Boulevard of Broken Queens (Tease)


Boulevard of Broken Queens 1 Stop Light
2006 Church Street Fetish Fair
(note kinky fetishwear, above, in standing-room-only event)

So we went to the Church Street Fetish Fair today and I took some shots for a photoessay to be entitled “Boulevard of Broken Queens”, documenting the tragically unsexy decline of the historic center of Toronto’s gay community population. And, well, sorry, but you won’t see them here, at least not right now. I think the subject matter edged into Nan Goldin territory and I dunno whether I was feeling especially charitable towards the subjects of my photos or whether I was just a bit overwhelmed by what both the event’s participants and its lame-ass execution revealed today. Soul-corroding, actually.

Anyway, just… no.

So to cheer ourselves up we went with friends to see the motherfuckin’ snake movie and, unsurprisingly, it worked.

One Response to “Boulevard of Broken Queens (Tease)”

  1. 1 John A

    now that i know about Nan, those fetish fair photos sound scarier than any flying snakes.

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