This Hear: “I’ve got 25 bucks, can you save my reputation?”


Hidden Cameras Awoo lyrics
(music is my boyfriend)

I never quite have as much fun at live music shows as I do at The Hidden Cameras’ live music shows and this is why: Joel Gibb and his ridiculously clever and talented troupe are sexy and they’re fun and I’m pretty sure they even have more fun than does the audience. They have a new album coming out this month, Awoo, and it’s chock-full of pretty-much what you’d expect if you’re already acquainted with their material. And if you’re not already acquainted with their material, check out their website, which has music clips, concert footage, videos, merch and whatnot.

You can’t not be happy at their shows, especially when it’s the large-ensemble version of the group, which Gibb holds together with a playful, sexy intensity that’s contagious. And the driving, perverted-singalong nature of the melodies is just icing on the cake. The press is fond of calling their style “gay folk church music” but it’s decidedly post-post-gay, half the time it rocks out and, well, songs about having a religious experience while on your knees ain’t necessarily a shout-out to churchiness.

Oh, and, hey: free concert this Saturday, 26 August 2006 at 9:30PM at Harbourfront, which I’ll be missing, dammit.

2 Responses to “This Hear: “I’ve got 25 bucks, can you save my reputation?””

  1. 1 Ian

    Thanks for the recommendation. They are fun and make some good music.

  2. 2 alexis

    I really like their new album, but damned if Gibb wasn’t a total ass when they were trying to interview him on Sounds Like Canada the other morning. I have never heard a more unwilling participant.

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