Contradictory Obit


Newscrawl on the gym televisions this morning:

“Canadian jazz legend Maynard Ferguson died yesterday near his home in California.”

Perhaps I’m just fuzzy these days on the definition of “home” and how to reconcile a “home in California” with Canadian-ness.

3 Responses to “Contradictory Obit”

  1. 1 J

    While watching a baseball game the other night I heard the announcer say “with each new home run, Dye increases his home run total”. Off topic, but nevertheless, …

  2. 2 Tara

    Hey, when I lived in Los Angeles, I was still Canadian. If you’re born here, we own your ass for life!

  3. 3 bstewart23

    Is that a peculiarly Canadian thing, though? Certainly with our ex-pat celebrities, who invariably never return…

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