No Other City Ever Made Me Glad


So, Champ and I made the trek to NYC last weekend, a week earlier than my annual Labour Day pilgrimage and, for various reasons, six years later than the last scheduled trip had been planned.

Exhibit b
Exhibit ‘b’

The usual endeavours:

  • Met up and hung out with awesome pal (Sars) for two-glasses-of-wine-too-many gigglefest? Check.
  • Missed,due to scheduling conflicts, meeting up and hanging out with awesome pal (Luciferus) but which will totally be rectified in the next visit, this autumn, I promise? Check.
  • Unexpectedly charmed by exceedingly gay Broadway thingie (Avenue Q) while it pissed with rain outside? Check.
  • Favourable comparison with homeworld homeless (with respect to numbers and levels of destitution)? Check.
  • Favourable comparison with homeworld crazies (with respect to levels of psychosis and anger)? Check.
  • MoMA (Dada)? Check.
    Say it, you know you want to: Dada at MoMA.
  • Canadian gouging-retailer fuck-youing through purchase of big-ticket item at 70% of homeworld price, including taxes and exchange? Check.
    I especially love that the Canadian retailer rationale for ridiculous markup over US prices is, invariably: “well, when the shipment was ordered, the dollar was much worse”, a total fucking lie since the item, in this instance, is only two months old.
  • Improperly-sized underwear purchase? Check.
    Damn you, 2xist, and your crazy sizing matrix.
  • Bought book by New York author (John Hodgman’s The Areas of My Expertise)? Check.
  • New restaurant discovery? Check.
    Indowok (Lexington, between 27th & 28th): Terrific Indian/Chinese fusion, reasonably-priced, with bonus, unintentional hilarity from waiter who, on taking order for admittedly-fiery dishes, made an eye-scrunching-lips-pursed face, like he just saw a guy getting kicked in the nuts; as it turned out, the food was hot but wasn’t that crazy-hot.
  • Ground Zero? Check.
    I’ll make no excuses for wanting to visit the site and to experience, five years later, the enormity of what happened. And the enormity of the evil involved in its planning, execution and, ultimately, its purpose as history will ascribe. Note to self: rewatch Fahrenheit 9/11, avoid World Trade Center.
  • Total Chelsea avoidance? Check.
  • Taxi tragedy (flat tire)? Check.
  • Recommendable hotel? Check.
    Hotel Chandler (31st between 5th & Madison, check for specials): small, quiet, clean, convenient, amazingly firm mattress, glass-walled two-person shower (uh-huh).
  • Favourable comparison with homeworld locals on every level (confidence, intelligence, humour, balls)? Check.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why I took so goddamned long to revisit a city in which I’ve never had a bad experience. Nor have I ever even had a mediocre experience there.

On the train back to the airport...

2 Responses to “No Other City Ever Made Me Glad”

  1. 1 kelly

    Ha! Awesome! The Hotel Chandler is right across the street from my office and we’ve spent many a night in the fabulous (and cheap!) bar downstairs. Glad you enjoyed a place that’s close to my heart (and workspace).

  2. 2 bstewart23

    …and you saw nothing, nothing!, in the windows of Room 604, which looks right into your office building, right? Right?!

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