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This is the logical consequence of equal rights and acceptance. It’s a bittersweet victory. Okay, first thing: I get it. Really, I do. I get what they’re trying to say, even though that’s not what they’re saying. I also get that wedding publications are, by definition, lame at best and appallingly tasteless the rest of […]

Comment. Rick Mercer’s herpes comment. I’m referring to Mercer’s blog entry (and coincident editorial in The National Post) concerning Bob Rae’s bid for leadership of Canada’s federal Liberal Party, in which Mercer jests: Nothing against Rae of course, I’m sure he means well – it’s just that his record as NDP premier of Ontario will […]

Nothing amuses more than watching suburban housewives and clueless dads make sense of the world around them. Imagine the amusement resulting from those same suburban chuckleheads reading teleprompters to help us make sense of the world! Imagine no more, because Global News Morning is always there to make even those with IQs in single digits […]

James Franco:

1) Cut It the Fuck Out With Those Teaser News Items “Where is Toronto’s garbage going? We’ll tell you on NewsLocal, at 11!” Hearing the above pretty-much guarantees that I will cease to give a damn about where Toronto’s garbage is going and absolutely guarantees that I will not be tuning in to NewsLocal at […]

Don’t read this, Mom. Overheard at The Black Eagle, some time ago: Queen A: That guy is so hot. And he’s got a great nose. He’s got a Big Cock Nose. Queen B: What. Ever. He’s so totally your type, though. What’s it about his nose that makes it a Big Cock Nose? Queen A: […]

1) Where’s the Party? In Chicago In Miami New York City! Puerto Rico (Source: “Where’s the Party” Remix, from You Can Dance) 2) What is Life? “Life is a mystery” (Source: “Like a Prayer”, from Like a Prayer) “Life is a paradox” (Source: “Like It or Not”, from Confessions on a Dancefloor)