Unsurprisingly, Future Shop is Full of Shit


I don’t expect consistent and honest behaviour from major retailers, especially major retailers who believe that their sales floors should be staffed with as many bothersome geekbots as possible while the single open cash register has a line-up three times as long as Tommy Lee’s wang (if inches were people). But Future Shop‘s consistently dishonest advertising is getting to be a pain.

Take, f’rinstance, this appealing memory key offer:

Future Shop Bullshit Offer

Great offer, huh? But let’s do the math:

$69.99 + 14% sales tax (provincial and federal) = $79.79

Now, after I receive my $30 mail-in rebate, the price is… $79.79 – $30 = $49.79. Of course, this is after tax. And, what was that tax again? 14%?

So the price-without-tax, after rebate, is… $49.79 / 1.14 = $43.67. And yet…


On pointing out this rather elementary mathematical discrepancy, the uncharming and unhelpful sales staff were kind enough to tell me to take it up with “Head Office”. The interweb is a wonderful medium for taking things up.

It’s still a pretty good deal, but you don’t need to lie to get me to buy it.

To reiterate: I don’t expect much better behaviour from a retailer like Future Shop, where invariably you have to lock up your humanity and common sense along with your bike on the street outside. But at least you guys could do it in a way that dimwitted 8-year-olds couldn’t figure out. And on bigger-ticket items, the outrage kinda gets kicked up a notch or two.

8 Responses to “Unsurprisingly, Future Shop is Full of Shit”

  1. Some soul more patient and forgiving than me said, “Don’t rush to attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.” Well, fuck it either way.

  2. 2 Mike Sommers

    FYI, Canadian laws required the payment of tax on the full product price before M.I.R. (mail in rebate) so they (Government) can get their money from us. There is no lying of mis-information. You paid a certain price at the cash, therefore need to pay the tax on that money. You lose the tax on the money paid, before the M.I.R.. Contact the mfg that offers the rebate for the tax money to be refunded. Remember, it’s the manufacturer that offers the mail in rebate to the consumers, not Future Shop. Idiot.

    For Al, love the quote!

  3. 3 bstewart23

    “Idiot”? The fuck?

    Regardless who offers the rebate, it’s Future Shop which is making false claims. An accurate and consumer-friendly advertisement would state:

    Sale Price $69.99 minus $30 mail-in rebate!

    As is quite clearly delineated above, the price after rebate is not $39.99, thus there is “lying of misinformation”, whatever that is. And we need an aisle clean-up in the replacement ink cartridge section, Mike. Could you take care of that, like, now?

  4. 4 Mike Sommers

    That meant to read “lying or misinformation”. It would appear that common sense eludes you. You still don’t seem to understand how the tax portion of the formula works. Have you completed elementary math? By your logic, all prices in flyers are now misleading and “dishonest advertising” as none of them include tax. By your standards, an ad that posts an item for sale at 99.99 should really state 113.99 because idiots (yes idiots) like you don’t seem to understand advertising and Canadian laws. As for the clean-up in the replacement ink…if you knew what you were looking for and didn’t grab everything and attempt to put in the right places, the aisles would remain clean.

    Thanks for comming out though,

  5. 5 bstewart23

    And proofreading apparently eludes you. Elementary math has nothing to do with Future Shop misstating that the price, after rebate, is $39.99, which to the consumer it is not, by any stretch of the imagination. Only a hired apologist for a shitty Canadian marketing department could justify forcing the consumer to pay tax on the rebate portion of the transaction without prior notice. The ad clearly states that there’s an $80 discount at the time of purchase, but the consumer isn’t required to pay tax on that, are they?

    Your understanding of “advertising and Canadian laws” is no closer than mine, I assure you, but your lips’ proximity to the butthole of Future Shop clearly is. They’re pulling a fast one on consumers, no matter how much they dress it up to look like a Sudbury hooker.

    Thanks for the tip on the replacement-cartridge aisle, Mike. Sadly, I actually always do know for what I’m looking, but Future Shop never fucking has it. And the usually-unhelpful sales staff too-often seem unfamiliar with the manufacturer “Epson”.

    What does “comming out” mean, exactly? Were you referring to the comma you’ve so amusingly placed at the end of your closing sentence? Or the fact that every comment you post on this blog increases the web-searchability of “Future Shop” and “dishonest advertising”?

  6. 6 Rose Boudreaau

    I agree with all of you, we have rainckecs for Verbatim DVD’s double layer, announced on sale for 24.99 since January 13th, they never went on their shelves and every day since have been telling us coming in through the night on a van that should be unloaded, call back tomorrow.

    Now, they admit they never got a confirmation these will come in so now we’re told WELL YOU HAVE A RAINCHECK, that’s not the point, it’s false advertising keeping their customers on the run each day, so I say, Future Shop doesn’t give a damn about us…………..

  7. 7 Ryan J

    Yeah that sucks, but there isn’t much the floor sales people could’ve done – even the store GM can’t refund tax dollars. Although if you presented the situation in a calm and cool way they probably would’ve taken a couple dollars off the price to even it out, or at the very least conceded that it was a lame thing for the company to do and maybe offered you some sort of compensation.

    Thankfully the company has done away with MIRs completely; now the vendors fund the company directly so discounts can be taken off in store.

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