Captiv(at)e Audience


I don’t expect much from marketers — whose place on the evolutionary ladder lies somewhere close to protozoa — and I expect even less from Canadian marketers, whose barely-concealed contempt for consumers of average-and-above intelligence (and appearance) sometimes becomes shockingly blatant.

On the upside, it’s always fun to climb into the elevator at my office and discover new facets of the world around me, courtesy the folks at Captivate Networks, whose ceiling-level video adverts scroll into worker-drone consciousness with ease and, on a daily basis, openly assault easily-verifiable facts.

Yesterday’s gem, which prompted one woman to make a mental note for her next trip to Blockbuster:

Out on DVD now:
Criterion Collection: Seven Samurai
(Harrison Ford)

3 Responses to “Captiv(at)e Audience”

  1. 1 J

    Personally, I rank them a little lower, just above the politicians.

  2. 2 Unfamous

    It’s The Seven Samurai, you idiot marketers. It’s only one of the five greatest films ever made. Maybe you’d care to check to see who’s in it? (Hint: Not Harrison).

  3. 3 bstewart23

    I’ll admit to being impressed that they spelled “Criterion” correctly, though they could’ve added a “The” in front of that, too.

    I’m forever amazed that people whose business it is to communicate can be so utterly inept at doing so.

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