Marketing, Canadian-Style


“Located in South Riverdale, Rivertowne‘s vision is one of vibrancy, diversity and sustainability — a healthy community shaped by the ideas and commitments of residents, the neighbourhood and the city.”

(Annotations and full-size version available by clicking on photo, above.)

From the oddly building-free Toronto downtownscape to the 70s fashions (and moustaches) to the “diverse” “couple” (or “just friends” — hard to tell, as they could not be positioned farther apart) to the shocking hairdon’t, this brochure for Toronto’s Rivertowne (did I forget to mention the superfluous “e”?) town(e)house development marks a new low for Canadian marketers, whose open contempt for consumers of average-and-above intelligence and looks is appalling.

Who, exactly, do they expect to identify with the swingin’ urban hipsters (above) of Rivertowne?

2 Responses to “Marketing, Canadian-Style”

  1. 1 J

    “Who, exactly, do they expect to identify with the swingin’ urban hipsters (above) of Rivertowne?”

    Idiots. There in abundance here in the States. Judging from the Canadians I know, I don’t think they’re in short supply up north either.

  2. 2 Stephen

    Yes, I see this guy’s plastered down orange bangs looming over me every time I get off the streetcar and walk home from work. Maybe they’re aiming for gay dudes who are too insecure to live in the Village because they have bad hair.

    The funny thing is, these condos are selling really fast. I went to the sales centre yesterday. Is that because of – or despite of – the marketing?

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