Toronto: Lesbilicious and Unsexy


Gawker was kind enough to alert us to Gridskipper’s Sexiest City Poll which, after “weeks of nominations”, features Toronto in just two categories:

  • World’s Most Lesbian-Friendly City and
  • World’s Least Sexiest City [sic]

Anyone who’s spent more than a few months in this place could not not vote for Toronto. (Though one does wonder about implied linkage between those two categories).

Now, if there’d been a “World’s Most Pretend-Hot Gay City” category, we’d totally clean up.

4 Responses to “Toronto: Lesbilicious and Unsexy”

  1. 1 Ian

    I think my city would rank as the ‘least sexiest’ if it were important enough to even make it on the list of contenders, which it isn’t.

  2. 2 bstewart23

    You could be from Calgary, Ian, which is “leaster sexiest” than Winnipeg, where I was born, by the way. Well, St. Boniface, same thing.

    Calgary has completely desexed the image of a “Wild West”, reaching a peak nadir during Stampede Week. Horny cowboys and bawdy saloon gals? Hardly. Suburban business drones in polyester western wear, stretch denim “slacks” and dress socks under their worn-once-a-year cowboy boots, more like.

    Do Calgarians not watch Deadwood? Jesus.

  3. 3 taverbeck

    well have either of you been to portland, oregon? the correlation between ‘womano on womano’ friendly and ‘least sexy’ is intrinsically linked. plus? the highest per capita number of heroin addicts in the states. you do the math. mmm…not the kind of thing you’d want to see jenna jameson in on.

    but amongst the contenders on the list – i’d have to throw my vote to your fair city. sorry mr. stewart. although i did notice *my* city – san francisco – is pretty much nowhere to be found.

  4. 4 bstewart23

    San Francisco is nowhere to be found? Dude, vote for your fair towne under “World’s Most Fetish-Friendly City”!

    I mean, where else can you find guys in buttless chaps in the hardware store, testing out various hand tools to hang from their PAs? Where else can you find mahogany-stained, meth-addled porn stars, on the street, desperately masturbating their flaccid wieners for busloads of cameraphone-snapping Asian tourists at Folsom County Faire?

    And heroin is back to being not sexy? Fuck! There goes last week’s paycheque.

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