Green on Thursday #4


Parker Stevenson:

Parker Stevenson

I’d always imagined Frank Hardy, the older of the mystery-solving brothers, to be handsome, sexy, dark, muscular, hairy and exceedingly well-hung. Dye-job above notwithstanding, Parker Stevenson turned out not to be not very dark.

5 Responses to “Green on Thursday #4”

  1. 1 Ian

    As far as being “exceedingly well-hung”, when Kirstie Alley won the Emmy in 1991, she thanked then-husband Parker Stevenson for giving her “the big one.”

  2. 2 bstewart23

    Well, I think she was a bit drunk, wasn’t she? And you know how drunks tend to repeat stories they’ve heard.

  3. 3 Ian

    Yeah, I… huh?

  4. 4 Maggie

    Did you ever see “Probe”? It was on TV in 1988 for a measly 8 or so episodes, but it starred Parker Stevenson as a crazy scientist geek and ye gods! he was so adorable in it. I had no idea he was cute until then. (Of course, when I later found out he was married to Krazy Kirstie, I was saddened, but I gather he left Scientology & her at the same time – yay!)

  5. 5 Sandy

    I always thought that when she alluded to “the big one,” she was thanking him for giving her the first or best orgasm she’s ever had.

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