I Keep Getting Distracted by Rick Mercer’s Herpes


Comment. Rick Mercer’s herpes comment.

I’m referring to Mercer’s blog entry (and coincident editorial in The National Post) concerning Bob Rae’s bid for leadership of Canada’s federal Liberal Party, in which Mercer jests:

Nothing against Rae of course, I’m sure he means well – it’s just that his record as NDP premier of Ontario will never go away. It’s like Herpes. That’s forever.

Now, full disclosure: I used to think Rick Mercer was one of the most astute political commentators on the scene, here in Canada and abroad. His black-and-white “streeter” segments on This Hour Has 22 Minutes were things of beauty, with just the right measure of whimsy and rage. I secretly enjoyed him even more when I learned, well before he came out publicly, that he was a big homo. I’ll admit to all of that.

Oh! And your petition to force Stockwell Day to change his name to “Doris” was fuckin’ brilliant, dude.

Rick Mercer, douche

But I must admit this, too, Rick. When you talk about Bob Rae’s stint as NDP leader and Premier of Ontario as forever like “herpes”, I can think of one thing only: your presence as opening “act” for the wildly-contrived, thinly-veiled attempt at image-resuscitation for Brian Mulroney known as Canada’s Greenest Prime Minister. As far as I’m concerned, Mulroney was an embarrassment to Canada, hitching his wagon to the wheezing corpse of Reagan (and Reaganomics) and being one-half of the creative team responsible for undertalented, orange-complected, Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney.

To call Brian Mulroney anything even remotely resembling “green” (his singing of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” with Reagan notwithstanding) is to court laughter. But getting back to laughter Mercer… Within weeks of Stephen Colbert’s blistering appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Mercer had an arena in which his most pointed, bitter and revealing barbs could be thrown. And? Nothing.

Lame jokes, lamely delivered, intended to gently rib a politician recently revealed to be one nasty piece of work. The most acid political commentator in Canada, defanged and reduced to a fluffer for one of the most odious, venal gasbags in this country’s history.

Something to remember forever, Rick. Like Herpes.

And, I dunno, maybe it’s because The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are so damn good, but your show simply couldn’t be less funny.

6 Responses to “I Keep Getting Distracted by Rick Mercer’s Herpes”

  1. 1 Ian

    Sad but true.

  2. 2 Lin

    I never knew he was gay…where the hell have I been. I guess it shows how cool we can be in Canada for not making a big media circus over something as simple as a guy coming out.

  3. 3 t.

    But he’s a Newfie, too! I am obliged to love him! But…


  4. 4 aargh

    I’d like Rick better if I hadn’t already met so many gabby NFLDer men who think just because they can talk fast and glib, they are funny. I wish he’d stick to the Rime Minister Poutine bits, the talking to Americans, and quit talking to Canadians. Just ask the Prez a funny question and hold out your microphone please.

  5. 5 tony croker

    mercer is not funny he is not even witty.he lives of a cbc paycheck because he is a canadian.do not fall into the trap that living here makes you automatically funny.were not.we are a basically stifled bunch,very lame in our edginess compared to other countries.sorry people,i find all canadian humour hopelessly unfunny.could we ever produce anyone witty enough to be on the world stage? no.our life here is too cramped by our national blaise.

  6. 6 Erica

    Just found this now. I didn’t mind the guy until I briefly worked with his show. Temper tantrums (from both Rick and hubby Gerald), screaming at terrorized staff, crying fits, crazed emails in the middle of the night, and, most damningly, he’s just not funny unless he’s reading off the teleprompter (and had three rehearsals). His single joke to the audience during tapings: (seeing a kid) “Do you like television?” (kid says yes) “Good.”. Really dissappointing. Also worked with Strombo and he’s completely

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