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Transit fares are paid when you get on the bus/streetcar, not after 10 minutes of fumbling in your purse. When it’s your turn at the cineplex cashier, it’s helpful to have already decided which damn movie you want to see. Grey’s Anatomy is a really, really, really shitty show. Proof of the existence of god […]

This week marked the closing — chaining, actually, due to rent nonpayment — of the doors of the world’s least-sexy gay gym, which happened to be located in the throbbing core of downtown Toronto. This affords the former denizens of that facility the opportunity to explore bold new horizons in gymnasia, including the club to […]

Eye, Spy


Amusing juxtaposition at downtown Toronto bus shelter, 27 October 2006. Daniel Craig does, indeed, have crystal-blue eyes, as the the above poster for Casino Royale exploits in a rather obvious way. Craig is expected to seduce back to the Bond franchise those who like ’em rough and muscley, and the poster displays a particularly extreme […]

Steve Guttenberg:

Why do I watch CTV National News before going to bed? I’m serious: why? After a delightful evening with my English pal King Jack — who revealed with great dismay that BBC News led their broadcasts last week with (what else?) the Madonna adoption “story” — I caught this week’s (awesome!) Heroes and, as usual, […]

For the non-Canadian: Indigo is part of the Chapters-Indigo bookstore megachain run by CEO Heather Reisman. For the Reisman-ignorant: Heather is responsible for annihilating tiny, independent booksellers and also for “Heather’s Picks”, an “Oprah’s Book Club”-wannabe merchandising campaign in which James Frey’s My Friend Leonard was prominently promoted, long after Oprah flayed Frey’s sorry, lying […]

If this was a Canadian ad, all three of them would be below-average-looking shlubs. But it’s not, so they don’t need to pay lip service to Canadian men’s (apparent) discomfort with good-looking and/or in-shape avatars. Speaking of lip service, hey, I’d totally hit the one in the middle, too, and you can tell he so […]