Primus Canada Sucks Redux


So, just when you figure you can go about your business without ever having to think about the fuckwits at Primus Canada again, they actively seek you out:

Primus sucks redux

Now, this is amusing on two levels:

  1. Do they not purge malcontents (like me) from their mailing list? and/or…
  2. Is sending me promotional material a passive-aggressive retaliation for my online badmouthing of their unending stupidity? (Eminently searchable, by the way, as this blog’s referral reports clearly indicate, but you can read about it directly here and here)

So, basically, they’re trying to get me to sign up for their Primus Home Phone service a mere three months after refusing to provide me with TalkBroadband service. Idiots.

But, get this: they also sent this same letter to my boyfriend, Champ, who is already a subscriber to their TalkBroadband service at a rate of $15/month less than what is offered in the letter, above.

“Sure, Primus Canada, you fuckin’ morons, I’ll cancel my Primus TalkBroadband ‘Service’ to subscribe to your more-expensive and less-feature-laden Primus Home Phone ‘Service’!”

In the spirit of solidarity against the unrelenting stupidity of Primus Canada, please, Let’sBreakGlass.

18 Responses to “Primus Canada Sucks Redux”

  1. 1 robert

    Ok, So I am finally getting out from the handcuffs of The PRIMUS DSL HELL adventure (or decent into hell) and now 5 months after signing with this horrible company they screw up 2 or 3 times more. They sent me a Canada Expresspost envelope to return my modem. Same day same mail I get another Expresspost envelope with a different reference number to return the same modem. OF course I only have one modem and I email to them this fact and they tell me to mark duplicate on the 2nd envelope and put it in the shipment with the modem. I expressly asked them to make sure to cancel the 2nd envelope or the computer would hound me forever for the return of the modem in the 2nd envelop which does not exist. I have some faith in God but not Pimus/Wintel. At least I have them acknowledging the 2nd envelope in my email and their instructions. I hope they don’t screw this up again. SO I take the modem package to the posy office and send it off and when I get home there is another envelope form Primus / Winte and in it was another Experssspost envelope requesting the same modem. Below is my correspondence with them on this issue. If they scare this up they will be charging me for at least 2 modems I never had at $200 each.
    Oh yes, When the big day came to end my “service” with PRIMUS/WINTEL, they did not release the line so my new provider through Bell wire could not connect my modem. So Bell and ASERTY in Ottawa are trying to find out why I don’t have service and it is only because Primus/Wintel screwed up again. When they finally release the line my DSL worked but we all went through more hell trying to figure out why the new service would not work. All of this stuff is so time consuming.
    So many letters to write to Primus/Wintel and trips to the post office and…………….. well just don’t do it. I recommend that you never sign for any service with this company unless you have vast amounts of time and patience and lots of Prosac.
    I plan to make a movie about items which should be shipped with the PRIMUS modem like knee pads for crawling under you desk a million times and referrals to a good divorce lawyer.
    Any suggestions please submit them to

    Account 2406440

    3rd modem return envelope just arrived

    Hi MAx: I had terminated my “service” some time ago. I received 2 envelopes to return 1 modem via canada post (see letter below). You advised me to put second envelope in box and mark it duplicate and return to Primus which I did the other day. Same day I get another envelope from you with a Canada Post envelope inside. This one is ref:

    barcode 7001 2801 1252 1497

    Now what do I do? I am afraid to do anything. Everything has gone wrong since I became a PRIMUS customer in July 2006 and in that time enjoyed 11 days of DSL connectivity. The first 12 days of spectacular “service” my phone would not ring if someone called me and of course DSL did not work. So I incurred cell charges. But that is another story Should I keep the envelope and pray? Return it empty with Canada post? At least I will have a stamp on your letter. Deliver it to your office somewhere in Toronto?
    I just don’t know. I have written a short satire to go along with all of this.
    . A satire. It is attached and I welcome primus employee input. Someone there must have a sense of humour.
    I am still being automatically billed for a service I enjoyed for 11 days in 5 months of primus dsl hell. I wonder if the billing will ever stop????
    There is a movie in that too.
    Anyway if you can figure out what I can safely do with this envelope and not be hounded for the rest of my life by PRIMUS collection agency dogs because something got screwed up please let me know. I don’t want to be on the hook for a modem that never existed.

    This is just great.,…. While I am writing this I stopped to figure out the the lost revenue stream to PRIMUS/WINTEL from the 3 households plus mine I discouraged from using your “service”.. I sent them to ASERTY in Ottawa.
    Just as I come up with a number in my head (about $3,600 per year or $18,000 over 5 years) My friend /dentist phones to ask me what I am doing and I tell her my Primus problems. She says she was thinking about a mailing she had from you about a phone package and DSL light (what’s that?) I discouraged her in no uncertain terms from signing on. I told her that Primus has been one of the worst experiences of my life. She always takes my advice. She meets lots of people every day. I hope she spreads the word. She loves to talk. Her customers usually have machinery in their mouths so she has to do all of the talking anyway. This really did happen 30 minutes ago. Perfect !!!

    I would really like to see the billing stop sometime. Any ideas? An estimate? I don’t really like being charged for something I didn’t get if you know what I mean. It is more than rude! 11 days of DSL and $100’s of dollars and a shot immune system.

    Anyway here is my original envelope letter to you and your reply. . Please ….. any employees who want to sing about the company or have something to say let me know. I would love to hear it and put it up on my blog. I will be posting nationwide on craigslist looking for people who want to comment about PRIMUS. It is only fair that potential PRIMUS customers know what they are signing on for.

    Robert mad as hell

    Lost 180 hours of life and $400 with Primus.
    The story continues. I wonder how many more envelopes I will get and how many more of these stupid letters I will have to write to you?
    Ps I AM NOT THREATENING ANYTHING WITH THIS LETTER. THIS IS JUST ON MY MIND AS I WORK OUT THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION FOR ME TO TAKE. My car is being decorated with a PRIMUS message in rather large white letters on dark green paint. It will look great! I may even do a bumper sticker for all of the people who think ill of the company.

    Customer care

    Re: return of DSL modem

    I cancelled my Primus/Wintel DSL service because it never worked. A replacement modem was sent by you to me and the original returned in your Canada Post envelope long ago. The second modem did not work either. “Service” was cancelled at my request. Now I am in possession of 2 requests for return of one modem. Which envelope shall I use and will you cancel the other envelope as I presume you are tracking the number. The envelope bar code numbers are

    7001 2801 0353 9531 ref: A9111503953
    7001 2800 9452 4042 ref: A9110602404

    Please understand that I have one modem and two envelopes. I don’t want Primus/Wintel tracking me to the grave for a return that does not exist. If you do not understand the situation please contact me. Please choose and envelope to be used and a cancellation of the other or instructions as to what to do with it. Do you know how this happened? I hope the billing stops for this account.

    Yours truly


    (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX PRIMUS/ WINTEL and will be submitted to XXXXXXXXXX others. It will be funny and sad)

    Primus employees PAST AND PRESENT are invited to add their own suggestions to the additional equipment list. Comments from Primus Wintel employees about the company and it’s attitude towards employees and customers are invited to a special blog celebrating this terrible company. The blog is an assembly of negative comments about the company gathered from around the world especially Australia where PRIMUS is particularly loathed

    PRIMUS / WINTELDSLHELL “stop surfing and start waiting”


    Suggested essential equipment not included with your new Primus modem

    Speakerphone – absolutely essential as you will be on hold for countless house waiting for their tech people (or person) to help you with your problem. You will be waiting, and waiting, and waiting forever so in order to have a life and maybe even go to the bathroom. Maybe keep a little container beside the computer for bladder relief because the minute you go to the bathroom for sure they will come on the line, not find you there and hang up. If you are in the bathroom, make sure that you stop urinating before you start running back to the phone and computer.
    TIP: have a wireless phone parked close to the speaker phone so that if you must pass something more dramatic than pee you can settle in and relax enough to do your duty by engaging both phones on the line at the same time for from the bathroom monitoring. or other chores. Don’t drown the baby either!!!!

    Batteries – have a truckload on hand for that speakerphone. You will need them guaranteed.

    Prozac- Like the batteries have lots on hand. You will need it to calm you down after wasting 2 hours of your life trying to sort out your dsl so called “service”. Don’t kick the cat, take a Prozac. Don’t scream at your mate, take a Prozac. Don’t injure your fists punching the desk , take a Prozac.
    Rumor has it that Primus will be packing a supply of Prozac with every DSL modem shipped. Wow! Free Prozac. Now that’s thoughtful !

    Soft punchable object – Keep a soft object close by (like a stuffed chair) to punch when you get off the phone with Primus service for the 50th time.

    A good cardiac care physician and a supply of aspirins. Don’t forget your blood pressure medication if you are in need. You may also experience spontaneous arthritic conditions from the increased cortizol in your bloodstream. This is a normal stress induced reaction. Pain usually subsides when you cancel your Primus DSL “service”.

    Kneepads – (absolutely essential) you will be on your hands and knees plenty unhooking wires and doing startups over and over again in an effort to resolve your “issues”. Primus will exhaust you trying to figure out what is wrong. If you have a helmet that is only smart because you are guaranteed to bang your head dozens of times.

    Exercise – exercise and get in shape so you may more easily crawl under desks and reach into awkward spots undoing various communications equipment which will “interfere ” with you primus DSL service.

    Lawyer – highly recommended is a good divorce lawyer and / or marriage councilor for the inevitable Primus induced marriage breakdown. Be prepared. She won’t talk to you? Can you blame her now that you are a Primus monster and go to bed with a scowl on your face?
    Rage? Yes you now know true rage and your mate feels it.

    Veterinarian- make sure you have a good 24-hour veterinarian available who specializes in the repair the ribs broke when your shoe met the cats side. Don’t hurt the cat. Don’t kill the cat. Cats don’t know anything about lousy service and equipment that does not work. They don’t know about endlessly crawling under things to unhook cables and re-start and shut down and wait and wait and wait. They have never been on hold on the phone endlessly waiting to talk to someone they can barely hear because of noise on the line. They have never seen PRIMUS debit their credit card forever for service never provided. Hell, cats don’t even have a credit card or a need for DSL. They have only heard of PRIMUS! when you screamed it out late at night when you have finally given up and stomped off to the bedroom.

    Alcohol – put all alcohol and sharp objects away. Primus is not worth ruining your liver or going to jail for.

  2. 2 smileymama

    Just visiting, not sure how I got here….well, hi there. You cooled off any?
    🙂 -T

  3. 3 Sahil Haslani

    Been waiting on the phone for about 30 mins now to talk to a human. Thats 30 minuets of my life Im never gettinh back,

  4. 4 steveinvan

    The main problem with Primus Canada is that it’s even allowed to exist.

    I’ve been trying to deal with the fucktards that work in their supposed “Customer Service” call centre in India for the past month and a half.

    Back in September they charged me a $150 lost equipment charge for a gateway that I returned in JULY!!!

    It seems that no one at that fucking company has the ability to refund a credit card but they sure are efficient at charging one. I guess the big wigs at Primus don’t trust the clowns manning the phones to make good decisions. My question is: Why bother having a customer service department at all???

    Especially in India! The problem with outsourcing customer service call centres in India is that the concept of “good customer service” simply doesn’t fucking exist there. I mean lets face it. Sure India is an emerging power but by and large it’s still a third world country where people work long ass hours for shitty pay. Christ if I lived there and worked 12 hour shifts in a call centre, you think I’d give a shit about some dude’s VOIP service 20,000 miles away. Hell Fucking No!

    So what am I trying to say. Outsourcing “customer service” to India DOES NOT WORK PEOPLE!!!

    Honestly, I’d rather pay twice as much to speak to someone in Canada about my phone service and that’s why I’m killing my VOIP and getting a land line!

    Kudos to you for spreading the word about Primus via your blog. If it stops even 1 person from signing on with those fuckheads it’ll be a real triumph.

  5. 5 Jim

    I’d give you my primus email but i will be getting rid of it as soon as possible. I left Bell because of a total failure to provide the advertised service only to fall into this nightmare. Right from the start they screwed up my online order. i am three weeks into utter hell. So far i have been cut off dozens of times requiring me to constantly call tech support all so they can reset my service from thier end. No explanation as to what the freaking problem is. Now it works but is dead slow. What a total waste of money. Again i am spending hours and hours of my life just to look at a webpage. This is a complete joke and utter rip off. Repeated speed tests prove this is a crap service. Now i have to cancel all my accounts again and get a new phone service as well. DSL is an fraud. I am totally convinced it is just a way to totally rip people off. Everyone of these ISP providers are scams.

  6. 6 thatgirl

    In November of last year, we signed up for Primus TalkBroadband Canada. We asked for a new and unlisted number, and waited for our stuff to arrive.

    Originally we tried to sign up online. For some reason that didn’t go through, so I called them via phone. They processed my order from there. I asked them to make sure they closed off or somehow linked the order I filled out on the web. They assured me all would be ok.

    First issue was… yeah… on day 1. Like a bunch of people, we already have a router in our house, that delegates our traffic out to different machines. The one thing that may be a little different is that, we had a web server too, which our home router directed web traffic to. So, I open up the Primus box o’ stuff… I do what they tell me to do. That is, I plug their phone router into my cable modem, then plug my regular router into my new phone router. The phone appeared to work ok… we had internet access… so ok, it was a start.

    Problem was, when I tried to get to my web server via the internet, I couldn’t get there. Ok, I’ll call Primus support. I explain my situation. The guy on the other end starts talking me through how to configure my own router to allow Primus voice traffic through. Wait a second… you are telling me to configure my router to allow voice traffic through? “Yes.” But that’s not an issue because your router is the 1st device after the modem. Clearly voice traffic is getting through since I’m talking to you on the phone. “So” he asks “what is the problem?” I explain again. I also mentioned that, I was a bit confused because usually when you set up a router, you have to configure what machine should receive certain traffic (ie. I need to tell it to send web traffic to my web server, otherwise it won’t work) and I didn’t see any such setting in their router config. He insisted that, no firewall was running on their router. Well… be that as it may – I believe him… but if I didn’t tell the router which machine is the web server, how does it know how to route web traffic? “Well, it will send it to the web server” Oh….kay, but… how does the router know which machine is the web server, unless I tell it? “It just knows.” Hmmk. I think I gave up on support, at this point. Partly because they weren’t helping, partly because, thick asian accent on top of crackly phone line, I couldn’t really make out what he was saying anyway.

    Oh, one thing worth mentioning at this point as well… I noticed while picking through the router setup that, the router configuration that basically contains ALL of my telephone logs and setup… that configuration tool is left WIDE open to the ENTIRE internet the way that they ship it to you. Better yet, the default password on the router is generic for every customer. Just for kicks, I did a Google search on the default password for the model of router I received and found the login in about 60 seconds. Nice. Even better, nothing in Primus’ setup instructions suggested changing the login password on the router, or locking down how it could be accessed. Even better still, I decided to do just that while I was picking through the router settings, and the support guy I spoke to assured me that no, I shouldn’t have changed those settings, I should instead have left the gaping security hole as is. Since I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to whether I took his advice or not, I decided to close up the security hole.

    Second issue was probably day 3 or 4. In spite of them assuring me that they had my order issues figured out, a second router arrived in the mail. I called them again, they mailed me a box to return back the 2nd router which I did. Sigh. Ok, whatever.

    Third issue came right after that. My Primus router couldn’t get connected at all, so I had no phone service. I called their support via cellphone (which is great, 30 min wait time on my cell minutes – appreciated). Turns out when they shipped the 2nd router, they changed things on their end so that only the new router could connect to their phone service. The existing router was not allowed to connect. So… some tweaking on their end, and we’re back up again. Ok.

    A couple of months follow, of semi-working phone, poor audio quality, etc, etc. The next big drama happened was an old friend called and said they lost our new number but they got it from 411. Wait… but we asked for an unlisted number ?! So I called Primus support (again). Told them that yes, I definitely needed an unlisted number, and since I had wanted an unlisted number from the get-go, I needed my number changed. They told me that there was a $35 charge for a new number. I explained to them that I asked for an unlisted number a couple months back, and paying $35 to fix a mistake that they made is not something I’m really into. I also pointed out that I had requested an unlisted number both when I signed up for TalkBroadband on the web site, and again when I called to sign up – and that I thought that after asking twice for an unlisted number it would be reasonable to expect to get it. Their support guy was extremely rude, told me they had no record of me requesting an unlisted number (which was odd, their billing department had a record of it since they remembered to charge me for it) and basically strongly implied I was lying and contradicting my own “story”. I explained that I have no desire to justify myself to a support gimp (ok, I didn’t say “gimp” but I wish I had) and I wanted to terminate my service.

    I asked what the process was for shutting down my service. He explained that they would cancel in about a month. They would send shipping details for us to send back the router to them. After a month passed, I heard nothing at all, so I wrote again and asked what was going on. A few days later, the shipping info arrived so I boxed up the router and sent it along. Yay, got rid of them right?

    Wrong. My last bill arrived and on there was a $100 charge for cancelling my service. I asked them about this and they said that they do impose cancellation charges sometimes. They pointed me to their terms and conditions (which, by the way, says that Primus “may impose cancellation charges ‘from time to time'” – hardly legally binding). I responded that, if their terms and conditions are not specific about a cancellation charge, and their support people don’t disclose it when asked specifically, how am I to know that there is a cancellation charge? No answer to that one. I’ve basically given up fighting and decided that the lousy $100 is a bargain to get these people out of my life.

  7. 7 David

    Hey ya Morons ….. ya’ll dunno the signigicance of talkbroadband nor Primus home phone service . these guys are indeed offering the lowest rates all accross canada.u know what ?? primus offeres ya DSL thru the same line that bell had installed so if there is anything goes wrong with ur DSL Line , its not primus but bell who will look into it.And by the way i am a bell technician myself and we also make sure that no internet connection apart from our own works fine .

  8. 8 Jeff

    Horrible, Terrible company
    Win-tel and primus canada suck
    They just fuck you off

  9. 9 shankari

    I have been waiting for over 30 minutes to talk with someone at Primus and have given up. I tried contacting on the web, but i have been waiting 15 minutes for them to send my my login to check the account.

    They are without doubt the worst company for service, I think the deserve the Telus Award, because up until now, I thought they were the worst telephone service company!!! I am not even attempting to use their broadband, I only have long distance service. I will NEVER go past that, and the days for this are, I think numbered!!

  10. 10 Kelly

    I have called 3 times today and waited over 20min each time. I have been having issues with my phone not getting some calls. They told me they would have someone check the line. So I get a call back saying they checked it and everything is fine. So the guy sugest I go buy another phone after already buyuing 4. Anyway I called back because they told me that if the guy could not find anything they would send a tech. out to the house. Well when I called the girl was very rude and told me that because they found nothing they would not be sending a tech. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me her supervisor does not take calls. I continued to insist something be done about it and she said “thank you for calling Primus” and hung up the phone. I am on hold again and am really pissed off now. Something better be done about this now!!!!!

  11. 11 Markus

    Customer service @ primus will get you no where, they seem trained to piss you off with nice words and no action. I’d go to the top…CEO Edward (Ted ) Chislett you’ll probably get an executive response from someone higher up.

  12. 12 Chris

    DON’T USE PRIMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We used them for awhile and were informed we could have a second number on our phone using the same hand set for 4$ this was great for our family situation. We had had some service interuption but it was gettiing worse.

    Strangly we were told by more and more people when they phoned they received a message that we were unavailable when we were home missing more calls. Also they had call long distance to phone us even from across the street.

    -The phone was not hooked up in our area as they lied saying they had local service in our area but they didn’t

    -They changed our plan when the second number was added it was not just 4$ as they took our unlimted long distance away without telling us
    Our bill went from $35/mnth to appox $70/mnth

    -They started charging rent on our phone modem which we had purchaed from them.

    -Try to cancel? GOOD LUCK. It took 11 phone calls just to get to one of there nasty uncooperative reps. The phone kept dropping the call over and over. what a surprise from there crappy service. They would only credit me two months of errors and there calculations were worng and told me they had to charge one more bill for the 30 day notice. Its been 30 days . * No credit back, * another over charge, * Still charging for equipment rental on what i own.

    This story to continue i am sure.

  13. 13 madeline Dinyer

    Hi I think we need to do a class action suit

  14. 14 anotherRobert

    I have primus land line and DSL.

    about 4 months ago I decided I want an unlisted land line so I discuss the rates and think about it. when I call back a short time after, i.e. a week or so, I’m told I need a ‘reason’ to opt for an unlisted number.
    a reason to give them more in revenue?
    a reason to take another step to protect my privacy?
    a reason to keep up with the neighbors?

    Never in 50+ years of buying goods a services have I been asked a ‘reason’ to do so. the closest thing was the process of acquiring an FAC firearms acquisition certificate and the ‘reason’ was I wanted to do some target shooting for a couple years for personal interest.

    A couple weeks after they fired Mr Need-a-Reason, I called back again, confirmed the technical aspects of the change and the new rates and got my unlisted number.

    Before that I got them to postpone the automatic payment date from just before the end of the month (when the amount of the bill was unknown and the bank balance was low) to the first of the month (soon after my pension cheque was deposited leaving plenty to cover the automatic payment). I resorted to truthfully threaten to completely discontinue my Primus services with not chance of returning. It worked. They adjusted the bill and voila, no more nail-biting just before the end of the month.

    screw Primus. the competition has better rates; the service can’t be much worse and probably better.

  15. 15 Kelly K

    Well Ive been a faithful customer of Primus for several yrs now and was quite pleased with them up until recently. I deal with them for my long distance only, by ground line is with Bell ( no chioce there). So I recieve a bill from Bell for roughly 26.00 dollars pr mos and our long distance from primus. Last wk I recieved a bill from Bell for $ 276.86 dollars for the month of October!!!! Long story short, I called Primus ( who had cancelled my phone line without notifying me). They said it was because I added 2 new numbers to my account for some Petroleum business over 200KM away from my home!!…after arguing with about 5-6 people that I had nothing to do with this company and did NOT give authorization to add these numbers they were apologetic and said it must have been a mistake, they would put my service back on BUT they were not responsable for the 276.86 that was charged to me by Bell from THEIR MISTAKE!!!!!! I finally got a supervisor on the phone who said she would investigate it and call me back today…havent heard from them yet…..Im not paying ONE cent of their FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16 george

    I have bad experience with primus as well. Although the speed was supposed to be higher than Bell’s, the internet is slower. I called primus and they told me that the speed is proper, but I used it for news and I see that it loads much slower. Second the service works at will, at least 2 times a week I have no internet. When I was moving I was going to change the companies, so I called them to cancel the service. They told me they need 30 days notice. So I decided to keep it and asked them to move it. I called around the 15th of the month and the operator scheduled it for 5th the next moth as it takes them 15-20 business days to move. On the 5th I called them that I have no service, they told me that it should be running shortly. Than I call them on 6th, on the 6th they tell me that I have requested the move on 5th so that it will be in 20 business days. I tell the guy that initially I called on 15th and that it was supposed to be moved on 5th. That I called on 5th to see what’s going on. He says that in system it states that I called yesterday and there was no switch date scheduled. On 7th morning the phone and DSL started working. DSL worked for 2 hours and stopped. Needless to say I have called to cancel the service. I will be switching to BELL or other. I say no to Primus. Also, the operator was very rude, she treated me as if I am stupid. I asked her to transfer me to someone else, she said she can’t and continued her BS. I hanged up and called again. i have shared my experience with neighbor who received their flier and was considering switching. Guess what he is staying with Bell. Good job in client retention Primus.

  17. 17 ANONYNOUS

    Hi ,
    iam and current employed at primus canada and i can tell you that yes you are
    all RIGHT Primus Canada Suck !!!!!! I worked here now for about 4 years …. and they treat me like shit ….. I when to an maternity leave and when i return they have hiring and bunch of new hired and them have all there full time employed and they still hiring full time … me like the stupide shit left behind iam stuck on part time employed and they have event reduce my hours JOB !!!!! i have to make another 3 month of aproval to have my full time statue its that fair ????? its seem that they do not care for they employed either !!!!!!

  18. 18 Dimitri Lukinski


    I went for a Long Distanse, High-speed Internet and Phone services with PRIMUS CANADA.

    Long distance did not work for me (calling parents). It pretended Ring-No-Answer while the other party never heard any rings. Alternative carrires used right after connected me immediately. After 3 month of calls to PRIMUS CANADA Customer service and support nothing was fixed. PRIMUS kept charging me long distance fees for the servie I could not use and minutes I did not talk.

    Supervisor Monique REFUSED helping me in any way and insisted that Long distance works fine which was a lie.

    Do not go with PRIMUS – terrible service and support!

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