Green on Thursday #6


Kenny Chesney:

Kenny Chesney

13 Responses to “Green on Thursday #6”

  1. 1 Quinn

    Can I get that for christmas please? Thanks.

  2. 2 bstewart23

    Dude, he looks like he’s in an ad for some gay adventure cruise. Only with a cowboy hat rather than those odious sailor’s caps the “bois” seem to favour these days. And I’m seriously having great trouble reconciling your attraction to Chesney with your attraction to Stroumboulopoulus.

  3. 3 Quinn

    The only reason I’d kick Kenny Chesney out of bed is to do him on the floor.

  4. 4 Unfamous

    He doesn’t ring my chimes. Also, Mr. Chesney, we know you’re losing your hair. It’s normal. Take the hat off.

  5. 5 Julie

    Kenny Chesney is absolutely amazingly gorgeous. Find me a mistle toe please!!…. or just give him to me and i totally agree can i get that for christmas?.

  6. 6 rebeca

    chesney is the finest thing i have seen. trust me i have seen alot. any man that takes his shirt off for a photo shoot is the best kind of fun.

  7. 7 Skyler

    Wowza, lemmi have some of that! seriously, he is amazing, and he can sing about love and hurt, and death. His “Who You’d be today” song makes everyone cry and yet he sings it each time like it is the first time he has sang it. He’s so amazingly sexy, i’d do him in a new york minute!

  8. 8 nikki

    ummm that is a sexy pic

  9. 9 Gina

    Holy god Chesney is absolutly georgous! I am in love with you like you wouldnt believe! Your music inspires me so much, i listen to it all the time, And damn thats a sexy picture!

  10. 10 Lauren

    People, Kenny Chesney is okay looking, has a nice body and good music. But, c’mon, he shows it off way too much. When he first came into the music industry, he was chunkier than he is now. Obviously wanting to look good for the ladies! Now, the man of country has to be KEITH URBAN! GORGEOUS AND I AM A HUGE ASS FAN OF HIM!

    Woot woot!

  11. I could be wrong, but I think y’all are kind of totally missing the point of this series.

  12. 12 dierksgirl

    i love kenny.hes so hott and he has great songs.i saw him in concert last week and im in love in him!!!!!!! i agree with Lauren keith is so know what other country singer is hot???? dierks bentley, his songs are great and hes so sexy i love him.

  13. Comments closed, for reasons of not getting it with extreme prejudice.

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