Ben Stein Can Seriously Continue to Start Shutting the Fuck Up Any Time Now, Part 2: The Sequel


Six inches lower, please

So, there I was, happily sweating my ass off in the cardio section of the gym this morning, and who should appear on CBS Sunday Morning but former Nixon speechwriter, undertalented actor and faux-intellectual homophobe Ben Stein.

He’s still carping about the Mark Foley scandale, but this time he’s not drawing lunatic parallels between homosexuality and pedophilia. No, siree, now he’s kvetching about the undue attention being paid to the Foley imbroglio compared to all the other issues in the world:

Call me crazy. But while e-mails about gay sex to a minor are important if they come from a Congressman, aren’t 1,200 lives a day in Africa important? They’re just as important as you and I are. Isn’t the likely victory of a terrorist movement in Afghanistan and the possible emergence of a fanatic-led nuclear Pakistan important?

The Foley story is a big story, but in the interest of pursuing a sex scandal we are ignoring matters of life and death for the whole planet. Countries that don’t know what is life threatening and what is not do not last. I am sorry to say, that’s us.

Jesus Fucking Christ. It’s not like it’s any surprise, though. He’d have a point if the party and government he supports so unflinchingly were held up to the same scrutiny. If Stein was even remotely nonpartisan, he could be talking about the Rebuplican Party’s perpetual hard-on for Clinton’s improprieties but, sadly, he’s not. That a Bush apologist would even mention Afghanistan or African deaths in such a manner is mind-blowing given the lies, mismanagement and AIDS ignorance displayed by the leader he so ardently supports.

Shut the fuck up, Ben Stein, you grasping, pathetic, irrelevant douchebag.

One Response to “Ben Stein Can Seriously Continue to Start Shutting the Fuck Up Any Time Now, Part 2: The Sequel”

  1. 1 Andrew

    Almost wasn’t paying attention after the lead-in of you “sweating your ass off…” but finally made it through the entry! Why-oh-why is Ben Stein a spokesperson for ANYTHING?! The other morning shows must have already booked the A-listers!

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