A Few Crappy Things About the Rainstorm This Morning

  1. Apparently my umbrella has had enough of my bullshit and has left me
  2. Asswipe motorists, who normally use the bike lane along Bay Street in downtown Toronto for passing, will cheerfully douse pedestrians and transit passengers along that route by speeding as close to the curb (and therefore puddles) as possible
  3. Sauna-Talkers at my gym feel that “rain” is an appropriate topic of conversation for naked (or near-naked) men to be having and, frankly, I just didn’t have the energy, post-cardio, to disabuse them of that notion; if they were still on that “lemme tellya how yoga has changed my life” jag, I’d be all up in their grille, for reals
  4. With all the water pooling, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between — and therefore step over, where appropriate — the various bodily fluids left on the sidewalk in my enchanting (and enchanted) neighbourhood

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