North America Cup #7


Continuing an informal competition between Canada and the United States of America, based on a series of completely arbitrary, wildly unfair and predictably mean-spirited criteria.

#7: Getting the Real Story


SunCrash PostCrash
Toronto Sun 12/10/2006 | New York Post 12/10/2006

You know, nothing reveals a culture’s psyche quite so nakedly as the way the popular media reports the news of the day. Choices are made in editorial rooms based on readership and the temper of that medium’s editorial and publishing management. And sales, of course.

It’s not surprising, then, that the way to hook newspaper readers (and television news viewers) is by going for both the sensational and, if possible, tapping into the Cult of Celebrity. The tragic crash yesterday of Cory Lidle’s plane into a Manhattan condo provided both.

Of all the things to tell readers/viewers first about the event — How did it happen? Who was in the plane? Who was in the condo? Who was killed or hurt? How did the emergency response teams handle the situation? What was the reaction of New Yorkers, who will (understandably) never feel comfortable when any plane flies overhead? — it’s both disappointing and entirely predictable their lead was that the guy was a baseball player.

But, in a revealing display of just how grasping and pathetic the Canadian identity can be — at least, as reflected by the popular media north of the 49th parallel — the story, the real story, was that the guy was, for one season, a Toronto Blue Jay. We’re just one step away from highlighting news stories involving people who once vacationed in Canada, people.

Advantage: USA

3 Responses to “North America Cup #7”

  1. 1 Glark

    I’m ready to call a complete victory for America after seeing this:

  2. 2 bstewart23

    If that’s available with Diet Coke syrup, I’m moving. A visit to any supermarket in America reveals the pathetic state of Canadian snack science. Of course, if we’d had a leader spearheading our nation’s snack efforts, like Kennedy did for America in the ’60s, we might be sitting in a place of snack superiority right now.

    I fear what North Korean snack scientists might concoct.

  3. 3 tee.

    I mean, he was good when he was a Jay, but they basically ran him out of town for being difficult in the locker room. And now he was “family” — really? I mean, I think “Plane flies into Manhattan building, people freak the fuck out, CNN speculates about terrorism as openly as possible while remaining “objective,” two people die, one turns out to be a baseball player” is already a story, thanks, Toronto Sun.

    The Toronto Star was no better, by the way.

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