Later, the Two Guys on the Right Take Turns Porking Each Other in Their Holiday Inn Room


If this was a Canadian ad, all three of them would be below-average-looking shlubs. But it’s not, so they don’t need to pay lip service to Canadian men’s (apparent) discomfort with good-looking and/or in-shape avatars. Speaking of lip service, hey, I’d totally hit the one in the middle, too, and you can tell he so wants it. Still, was it really necessary for Holiday Inn to use gay panic to sell their hotels’ hot tubs?

Addendum: MEA CULPA

Since posting this entry it’s been brought to my attention that this ad is but one of a series produced for Holiday Inn, in which the social ineptitude of a cadre of businessmen is lampooned. More to the point, in the social-ineptitude context of the series of spots, the veiled homophobia of the ad, above, appears somewhat mitigated. I’m man(nish) enough to admit when I’m wrong — in this case, I’m not — and man(nish) enough to admit when I’m less-right than I thought I was, too. Which, I believe, I am.

But while the veiled homophobia of the ad is partially-mitigated through the serial nature of the ads — and, for real, a couple of them are pretty funny, especially the one where Marcus (the hot guy in the middle, above) calls a set of golf clubs “gorgeous” and reveals his hope that his son grows up to be a clown — it raises concern, nonetheless, that the joke is, once again, at the expense of the (perceived) homo. (Honestly, I so don’t want to go all “Glen’s Homophobia Newsletter” on Holiday Inn and their ad agency, but let’s explore this just a bit further, ‘kay?)

It’s the cleverness of the rest of the series that actually underscores the lamesness of the gay panic expressed in this commercial. In short: why go there, when you didn’t need to? Or: why go there, when you stand to alienate any of your customer base, however unintentionally? Or: if you didn’t know that you might alienate some of your potential or existing client base, then you’re not very good at what you do; if you did know it, and went forward anyway, then you’re kinda morally repugnant.

The “Hot Tub Game” at the Holiday Inn site (link above) sorta makes it worse, since to win you must make sure that no straight man actually touches another straight man. The “Dance Game”, though? Marcus got a fine booty.

2 Responses to “Later, the Two Guys on the Right Take Turns Porking Each Other in Their Holiday Inn Room”

  1. 1 Ian

    I saw this on TV and it didn’t offend me because a) yeah, the guy in the middle is hot and b) his reaction isn’t panic – it’s more just a careful shift of position to establish his place, in more ways than one. The humour is that the guy on the far right hadn’t considered his closeness would be a problem. It’s pretty cute, I think.

  2. 2 bstewart23

    Well, just seconds earlier, they were singing Zack’s praises and then, after his apparent faux pas, even the guy on the far left shifts further away. The joke’s on them, though, because none of them seem to realize that just staying at a Holiday Inn, period, brands them all as totally gay.

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