Eye, Spy


Eye, Spy
Amusing juxtaposition at downtown Toronto
bus shelter, 27 October 2006.

Daniel Craig does, indeed, have crystal-blue eyes, as the the above poster for Casino Royale exploits in a rather obvious way. Craig is expected to seduce back to the Bond franchise those who like ’em rough and muscley, and the poster displays a particularly extreme instance of eye-Photoshoppage, so much so that the hot-hot actor would be a shoe-in for the movie Adult Children of the Damned, in which the grown-up mutants go to regular group-therapy and discuss how little unconditional love they received from their damned parents.

And now, a scene from Casino Royale guaranteed to get them into the cinema…

Craig Bond

I can’t think of a reasonable explanation for the character on the left being so far away on the left. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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