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Everyone except CLCC ignore this. Until I am geographically positioned to properly respond to your kind gift, please accept my heartfelt thanks here. It was a delightful surprise, and very much appreciated. XOXO.

Jason Statham & Guy Ritchie:

“All That I Wanted” (Belfegore, 1984): A German, a Canadian and an American make deliriously danceable crypto-metal-goth-prog mayhem with lower Manhattan as backdrop. In the ’80s, a muscular alternative until Depeche Mode stopped plinking on toy pianos and synths and picked up guitars.

The gym was pleasantly uncrowded this morning, probably due to the big Mr. Leather Toronto party tonight. The denizens of Toronto’s leather community population are no doubt waiting until the last possible moment to pursue their Party Pump because, hey, maybe the extra muscle mass you’ll gain by delaying your workout by just six hours […]



Brad Davis, R.I.P.:

Grace Anatomy


I’ve had this plate for 45 years: I never quite understood the logic in asking that hungry children be blessed, right before chowing down on that which hungry children are denied. It’s kinda rubbing it in, isn’t it? Because, blessings alone? Not so nutritious. And the kids with food get blessed, too? Greedy!