Schick Out of Luck


If you’re a man who suffers from ingrown hairs (or, I suppose, are a similarly-afflicted woman), you might’ve stumbled across the Schick Protector razor. It was simple in construction: a fairly standard, twin-blade razor, but with tiny wires wrapped around the business end, to keep the blades a wire’s width away from the surface of your skin.

Schick Protector

The intent was to prevent a too-close shave, which would in turn allow curly whiskers to retreat back into the skin and burrow further into your flesh, rather than spring joyfully outward. And it was fairly successful in doing so. Sure, there was a trade-off: not as close a shave, but far less bloody, too. Change your blades regularly and your face will be as smooth as, say, George Clooney’s, a couple of hours after he shaves, wearing nothing but a freshly-laundered, white towel wrapped around his waist.

Fans of the Protector, admittedly few, have, as you might imagine, been screwed by Schick. Despite its continued presence in the product line-up at the Schick Canada website (it seems to be M.I.A. on Schick’s site), you simply can’t find either the razor or it’s replacement blades anywhere in North America (with one exception, below).

One day, even won’t have these babies. There will be tears. And blood, lots and lots of blood. Damn you, Schick.

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