This Hear: An Ending (Ascent)


Sometimes marketers get it right:

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the most beautiful piece of music ever created, and its inclusion in both films and advertising doesn’t seem to diminish its exhillarating stillness. I want it played at my funeral if for no other reason than its unwavering capacity to simultaneously give me both multiple spinegasms and serious eye-leakage. Twenty-three years old and utterly timeless. Unsurprisingly, from Brian Eno:

Apollo by Brian Eno

2 Responses to “This Hear: An Ending (Ascent)”

  1. 1 Quinn

    seriously. I never tire of hearing this piece of music even if it’s in a ps3 commercial.

    Soderbergh used it brilliantly in Traffic but my favourite use in recent cinema is Maggie Chueng riding around paris on her moped in Clean.

  2. 2 Chris

    I agree fully that this is possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever made. It is the closest that I will ever (physically) come to space travel. Brian Eno, to me, has a body of work that is underappreciated because of its simplicity but eventually works its way into the mainstream because of its artistic brilliance!
    Another great Eno “hit” from Apollo – Atmospheres and Soundtracks: “Deep Blue Day” (also found on the Trainspotting soundtrack from 1996)

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