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As the years progress, I’m finding it increasingly hard to maintain my inner (and outer) “wolf” — and stave off “bear” — especially when the formerly-acceptable descriptive “musclebear” starts to look like delusional wishful thinking on the part of most who wield the term. Nonetheless, it’s refreshing to see that some big, hairy homos are […]

Michael T. Weiss: “The Pretender“

Top 5 Missing (or Dead) Ex-Boyfriends Top 10 DVDs Watched More Than 40 Times Top 10 Friends Who’ve Done Porn Top 10 Relatives I Haven’t Even Thought About In Years Top 10 Swear-Word Mash-Ups (#3: Fucktacular) Top 8 Entertainment Weekly Subscription Issues Not Delivered By Canada Post Top 50,000 Things I’d Do To/With Stanley Tucci […]

John Barrowman: After a several-week hiatus, “Green on Thursday” returns with a bona fide bonerhound. Geeky readers will recognize him as the charismatic, rakishly pan-sexual Captain Jack Harkness from Russell T. Davies’ lively resurrection of the creaky Doctor Who series (and the star of its spin-off, Torchwood). North American readers — even those familiar with […]

It’s like a drinking game but, rather than taking a boozy gulp whenever the words “fuck” or “shit” or “damn” are replaced with “Droga!” in Portuguese subtitles for English-language films, you shout “Droga!” at the television as loudly as you can. “Drogas” — literally, “drugs” — apparently softens the profanity on Brazilian cable movie channels. […]

From Zoom “Targeted Lifestyle Media” Media, in the men’s locker room at my gym: “Targeted Lifestyle Media” I can’t speak for other men at my gym, but I’m guessing that the whole Vespa, ponytail and sassy-scarf, targeted-lifestyle market is rather limited in that arena. Okay, I’ll give them the Vespa thing; it is a largely […]

Any marketer producing advertising material and oblivious to any perceived, antisocial subtext therein, is, at best, an idiot not worth his salary. Any marketer who is aware of the potential antisocial subtext in their material, and releases it regardless, can only be described as a sociopathic fuckweasel. With that in mind, we present two Toronto […]