The Biggest Jesus I Ever Saw


So, naturally, at some point on our trip to Rio de Janeiro, Champ and I had to play turistas and dress up in our khaki shorts, polo shirts, sneakers with unfashionable ankle-length socks, baseball caps and backpacks (okay, just me) and visit the Giant Jesus at Corcovado, high above the city. Brazil, it seems, takes the concept of “one nation under god” quite literally:

What Would Jesus See

Jesus Wuvs You This Much:

Giant Jesus (Actual Size)

In a weird, Rod-Steiger-in-The-Amityville-Horror-y tableau, the base of the Christ the Redeemer statue at Corcovado was swarming with thousands of flightless (yet winged) insects.

Feel free to jump to your own, faith-based conclusions:


Instant Messaging with Jesus (Away):

Jesus (Offline)

I dunno, maybe He blocked me or something, but the terminal, above, was completely nonfunctional. Access denied!

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