The Rio de Janeiro “Droga” Game


It’s like a drinking game but, rather than taking a boozy gulp whenever the words “fuck” or “shit” or “damn” are replaced with “Droga!” in Portuguese subtitles for English-language films, you shout “Droga!” at the television as loudly as you can.


“Drogas” — literally, “drugs” — apparently softens the profanity on Brazilian cable movie channels. But for Canadians on vacation, especially Canadians on vacation who’ve had at least one too many caiparinhas (see above), it’s unbridled tomfoolery, cultural chauvinism of the mildest sort. More a giggling homage to the complexities of translating vulgarities than condescension, really.

Also? Man, Brazil’s TeleCine movie networks carry a frightening number of Canadian — or made-in-Canada — movies. Who knew the absurd Canadian-content guidelines hobbling our broadcast media here at home extend so far abroad?

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