Green on Thursday #14


John Barrowman:

John Barrowman

After a several-week hiatus, “Green on Thursday” returns with a bona fide bonerhound. Geeky readers will recognize him as the charismatic, rakishly pan-sexual Captain Jack Harkness from Russell T. Davies’ lively resurrection of the creaky Doctor Who series (and the star of its spin-off, Torchwood). North American readers — even those familiar with Doctor Who — can be forgiven for not knowing what Torchwood is because it’s not been scheduled for broadcast on this side of the Atlantic, even by the CBC, which just happened to co-produce the series. (Calls to the Corpse’s Audience Relations telephone-answerer were met with a perplexed “what was the name of that show again?”)

Rumour has it that Barrowman was up for the lead in a little series on NBC by the name of Will & Grace. The network opted for a less-homosexual actor, perhaps fearing audience rejection of a performer who goes home after a day of playing a homosexual unencumbered by actual homosexual sex, only to engage in actual homosexual sex.

7 Responses to “Green on Thursday #14”

  1. 1 Jon

    Rawr! Very sexy – especially his Apollo’s belt. I’ll have to watch more “Dr. Who”, apparently.

  2. 2 S. Woody White

    Uh-huh, he’s one sexy dude.

    I had the pleasure of seeing him on-stage a few years ago, in Putting It Together (with Carol Burnett and Susan Egan, before the Broadway run, at the Mark Taper in LA). Yep, he lit up that stage. Even without taking his shirt off.

    It may be just as well that he kept his shirt on. It turned out that I was sitting next to his proud parents! Very sweet couple, by the way.

  3. 3 ygg

    Please tell me you’re downloading Torchwood. It’s fantastic. \o/ John Barrowman!

  4. 4 bstewart23

    Funny story about Torchwood. As you know, the closing credits state that it’s co-produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. An inquiry to the CBC, asking for air dates on this side of the Atlantic, was met with this response:

    Thank you for taking the time to write to the CBC about ‘Torchwood’.
    CBC Television is delighted to have the North American broadcast rights to Torchwood. Unfortunately, we do not as yet have a broadcast date in our schedule for this series and encourage you to continue to watch television listings and CBC promos for updates.

    So, basically, the broadcast organization co-producing the show has no idea when it’ll be broadcast. I guess it’s not a funny story at all. Closer to fucking pathetic.

    Of course, downloading the high-quality, Air-Farce-and-Tim-Horton’s-commercial-free BBC version would be wrong and bad. And wrong. But if one were to download it, one would find the show arrestingly omnisexual and enjoyable, even if it does promise considerably more than it delivers. And even if the boner which creator Russell T. Davies still has for Buffy is clearly visible.

  5. 5 dreamer

    aww he’s so fit i wish he wunt gay LOL

  6. 6 izzy

    Awwww, he is FIT and TOTALLY RIPPED!!!!!! I luv him I would do anything for his autograph…….and a snog!!!

  7. 7 Wayne Rogers

    John’s an amazing actor and so talented on celluoid and the stage . At ease with his sexuality and a totally hot handsome man .
    I pity you folks in Canada for not getting Torchwood it shows in Australia on a commercial channel but really late at night in a non rating period but then that’s what recorder’s are for right ?

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