Top 10 (+2) “Top” Lists Contemplated (But Not Completed) In 2006

  1. Top 5 Missing (or Dead) Ex-Boyfriends
  2. Top 10 DVDs Watched More Than 40 Times
  3. Top 10 Friends Who’ve Done Porn
  4. Top 10 Relatives I Haven’t Even Thought About In Years
  5. Top 10 Swear-Word Mash-Ups (#3: Fucktacular)
  6. Top 8 Entertainment Weekly Subscription Issues Not Delivered By Canada Post
  7. Top 50,000 Things I’d Do To/With Stanley Tucci (#74: Listen raptly while he tells amusing anecdote concerning The Devil Wears Prada filming)
  8. Top 5 Altercations With Idiot Motorists In The Bike Lane On Toronto’s Bay Street
  9. Top 100 People To Whom I’ve Been Introduced More Than 10 Times But Who Still Act Like We’ve Never Met
  10. Top 10 Incorrect Thyroid Med Dosages
  11. Top 10 Obviously Violent/Profane Movies Which Surprised My Parents By Being So Profane/Violent (#2: The Departed)
  12. Top 10 Flabby, Loud, Obnoxious, Poorly-Hung, Badly-Groomed, Horribly-Attired, Unattractive Straight Guys At My Gym Who Think The Gays Are Hot For Them

One Response to “Top 10 (+2) “Top” Lists Contemplated (But Not Completed) In 2006”

  1. 1 Sars

    Care to collaborate on #5?

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