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Positively Lame


We started noticing it fifteen or so years ago, when ads in gay newspapers featured the lamest possible artwork — usually credited (!) with “Image by Jaysonne Smytth” or somesuch, clearly indicating a barely-legal boyfriend’s expertise — but an insert in yesterday’s Toronto Star — the largest-circulation newspaper in Canada — gave us pause: From […]

No Control!


It was a week of high-intensity stupidity, featuring the parents of a three-year-old girl who were “unable” to secure her in an airline seat, and were subsequently ejected from the flight. Ridiculously low airline fares have effectively brought those better-suited for bus travel into airports, so it’s unreasonable to expect a flight without some sort […]

The only thing funnier than bad marketing is the buzzword-laden verbiage with which bad marketers break their own arms while patting themselves on the back for their efforts. By what standard of effectiveness does a campaign against peer-to-peer piracy measure itself? Not by any reduction in piracy, of course, but by the number of visitors […]

Regency Condominiums, Bay & Yorkville, Toronto Because, for serious, there’s a huuuge, untapped, ballerina market for condos out there. And/or people who dress up in diaphanous costumes and flit about their cramped living spaces. (Thanx to E.C. for the tip).

So, I spent the weekend with Mom and Dad in Scottsdale and it was really freakin’ cold, though I did get to hang with Paul & Jimmy, which was, as expected, a total blast. It’s good to be home, though; I like the cluttered, disorderly mess of Big Urban. Also? The marked absence of “Live […]

Break It Down!


Like you, I try not to think about investment bankers unless I absolutely have to — or when I want to reminisce about some particularly sweaty grappling with an Ernst & Young accountant in a secluded wing of an ex’s quarter-share on Fire Island in the early ’90s — so when Consumerist posted this awesome […]