Break It Down!


Like you, I try not to think about investment bankers unless I absolutely have to — or when I want to reminisce about some particularly sweaty grappling with an Ernst & Young accountant in a secluded wing of an ex’s quarter-share on Fire Island in the early ’90s — so when Consumerist posted this awesome motivational video from the aforementioned firm, I got goosebumps:

Well, maybe not goosebumps. Remember when “Oh, Happy Day” used to refer to the birth of a messiah?

The next time anyone in your organization suggests a motivational sing-along, send them a link to this video.

One Response to “Break It Down!”

  1. 1 tim

    oh my god! even if i was a *friend* of a relative of a relative of anyone remotely employed by ernst & young i would bury my head in the sand with embarrassment over this cult-ish sing-along. and that poor thing – who is the lily-whitest of whites – channeling her inner patti labelle? let’s just hope she doesn’t put this little ditty on her audition reel. yikes.

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