Targeted Lifestyle Marketing (Cont’d)


Regency Condos
Regency Condominiums, Bay & Yorkville, Toronto

Because, for serious, there’s a huuuge, untapped, ballerina market for condos out there. And/or people who dress up in diaphanous costumes and flit about their cramped living spaces. (Thanx to E.C. for the tip).

3 Responses to “Targeted Lifestyle Marketing (Cont’d)”

  1. 1 Glark

    This is the building (I believe) that has this whole list of iffy sell points on the boards near the streets and I really want to add “Mr. Sub Adjacent” to it.

  2. 2 S. Woody White

    If You Can Spread Your Legs This Wide…

    This Is Your Address.

    (Makes sense to me.)

  3. 3 dino

    buddy! Ballerina condos!!!! I completely cracked up about this. love your blog, man. a very funny and personal take on life. thanks. you make me laugh and there’s precious little of that in the world today. humour, sarcasm, irony are much needed as an antidote to some of the serious misery in the world. keep it up!


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