Positively Lame


We started noticing it fifteen or so years ago, when ads in gay newspapers featured the lamest possible artwork — usually credited (!) with “Image by Jaysonne Smytth” or somesuch, clearly indicating a barely-legal boyfriend’s expertise — but an insert in yesterday’s Toronto Star — the largest-circulation newspaper in Canada — gave us pause:

More Than Enough

From the anemic photograph of unappetizing munchies to the dubious wisdom of using a tagline often associated with exasperation (“I’ve had more than enough of this bullshit!”), the Mr. Sub ad above only gets worse with more detailed inspection. What’s up with that unnecessary comma? And the extraneous line from the speech bubble to the figure, to prevent the reader from accidentally attributing the quote to some other character? And what the fuck is up with that Ming the Merciless drawing, with its claw fingers? Whose teenager got a Wii for this fine handiwork?

Another solid hit for Canadian marketing!

(Addendum: this ad looks like it could be a part of the campaign created by Toronto ad firm Zig. While the commercials are admirable in that they’re kind of fucked-in-the-head — a good thing — they also get really tiresome before the end of the first viewing. Also? Selling stuff to teenagers by making it look like teenagers are selling it is really condescending. You and the people who hired you don’t really remember what being a teenager is like, do you?)

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