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Canadian media conglomerate Alliance Atlantis is responsible for a lot of what we Canucks see and hear, some of it good (IFC TV, the northern cousin to the Independent Film Channel) and some of it pathetic (the Alliance DVD version of Girls Will Be Girls is bereft of commentary and extras — oh, wait! There’s […]

Hey, Donald Trump’s coming to Toronto! To Bay Street! And all the superclassy, high-quality design and construction you expect from a man lauded for his swank neckwear are on their way to the corner of Bay and Adelaide Streets! Particularly classy and loaded with integrity is the sexy, renaissancey promotional banner at the construction site: […]

Insert “Nathan Fillion‘s Greatest Asset” Joke Here: Nathan Fillion in the Firefly Blooper Reel There’s lots to like about Nathan Fillion. His turn as Buffy’s nemesis Caleb in that series’ last season. His role in the beloved (and much-lamented, dead-before-its-time) Firefly series and the Serenity movie which followed. “Bill Pardy” (dammit) in the ridiculously underviewed […]

Oh, Bay Street. Arguably the most recognizable street name in Canada, it inspires both reverence and disdain, depending on your geographic and economic position. Within Toronto, it’s home to some of the most stunning, iconic architecture in the city, from visionaries like Mies van der Rohe and IM Pei. Also some of the most nightmarishly […]