Bay (Street) Watch #2


Hey, Donald Trump’s coming to Toronto! To Bay Street! And all the superclassy, high-quality design and construction you expect from a man lauded for his swank neckwear are on their way to the corner of Bay and Adelaide Streets! Particularly classy and loaded with integrity is the sexy, renaissancey promotional banner at the construction site:

Trump Toronto

From left to right in the advertising above: Scotia Plaza (68 storeys), Trump International Hotel & Tower (70 storeys) and First Canadian Place (72 storeys). You can draw your own conclusions as to why the Trump organization decided their property height should pictorially, er, trump that of the tallest building in Canada — built, not uncoincidentally, by Trump’s Manhattan real estate rival, the Reichmann family’s Olympia & York — all I care about is the really huge injection of class Bay Street will be receiving! I mean, the Trump name itself is synonymous with success and substance!

Anyone who’s friends with both Hugh Hefner and Donnie Deutsch can’t be anything but a total renaissance icon, right?

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