Green on Thursday #18


Burt Reynolds:

Burt Reynolds (DirecTV Ad)

Oh, Burt. You may be a ginormous tool, if for no other reason than your inability to play nice with others during filming of your only watchable role, in Boogie Nights (well, okay, we’ll give you Deliverance, too). But for an entire generation of gay men you were probably the object of masturbatory lust more than any other hunk of the time (except maybe Charlton Heston). DirecTV was kind enough to reprint your iconic Cosmo centerfold in the latest swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. A special tip of the hat to Douche Deutsch L.A. for that homoerotic blast from the past.

But wait. The photo. It looks… different. The original, after the jump…

How times have changed! It’s cool now for sports-minded men to look at photos of hairy, muscley, naked, 70s male icons but apparently not so cool to look at their historically-accurate vices:

Burt Reynolds (Cosmo)

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